31 Nights of Horror – Hocus Pocus

Admittedly, this isn’t a traditional horror movie but if you don’t watch this at least once before Halloween, did you even really celebrate it?! Set in Salem, Massachusetts, the location of the 1692 witch trials, this film is about the Sanderson sisters who were executed for witch craft. Thackery Binx tries to save his sister, Emily who has been bewitched by the sisters so that they can suck the life out of her. The sisters are exposed for what they are and hanged but not before casting a curse ensuring their return to the village. Cut to 300 years later when Max (a virgin) moves to Salem with his family from the west coast (Hollywood, dude). He doesn’t believe in Halloween or the Sanderson sisters (idiot) and ends up fulfilling the requirements of their resurrection curse while trying to impress his love interest Allison. Winifred, Mary and Sara Sanderson find themselves in modern day Salem and while they aren’t up to date with pretty much anything, this doesn’t stop them from trying to suck the youth from the local children to ensure their own mortality. Dani, Max and Allison with the help of Thackery who was cursed to live eternally as a cat by the sisters, set out to vanquish the sinister trio. It all gets wrapped up before sunrise and Thackery is finally able to be at peace with Emily. It is hysterical but I guess there is a bit of a creep factor, I think it being set in Salem makes it a little darker. Bette Midler is absolutely impeccable in this film and their costumes are amazing. To this day, my one goal is to have the most authentic Winifred costume in existence – I add elements each year and it’s getting there!




I read somewhere, quite some time ago that there was going to be a sequel but as much as I’d love to see that – I think they waited too long!! While this film definitely has earned its cult status, I don’t think that Disney would revisit it, I think that the audience has changed too much. If you haven’t seen it, you can leave. No – but you should check it out!

This movie has also inspired some of the best, freaking fan art.

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