31 Nights of Horror – It (1990)

The 1990 adaptation of the Stephen King book It was a two-part made for television miniseries, it’s 187 minutes so buckle up. First things first, this is one that I would absolutely recommend reading before watching. People who were pissed about the final form of the demonic being wouldn’t have been shocked had they read the book. The being takes the shape of the victim’s worst fears. Fair warning – there is a lot of cussing, this is coming from a person who got sent home in the 3rd grade for dropping the f-bomb 😛 (more on this later) That said; Derry, Maine is being tormented by a sadistic, shape-shifting being, a young boy (Georgie) is coerced into the sewer and killed while chasing a paper boat that his older brother Bill made for him. This is the first time that we see the being in the form of Pennywise, The Dancing Clown. Side note – I don’t think that he ever dances in the movie…? Billy, befriends a group of misfits (Ben, Eddie, Beverly, Richie & Stanley) each is dealing with issues at home, they form a kid-gang, The Losers Club. As far as child actors go, this cast is stacked and you will see a few familiar faces. Pennywise presents himself to each member of the club in a bizarre series of events. The club eventually adopts another member, Mike, after saving him from some super sadistic bullies. When they start sharing their encounters with the demonic being, they come to realize that he has been in Derry before and that he resurfaces to pick off children every 30 years. The kids venture down to the sewer and beat the Dickens out of Pennywise but enter into a pact that they will return to vanquish the demon should he return again.



Of course he does, following the mysterious death of a young girl, the Losers leave their adult lives to come and battle Pennywise again but the gang doesn’t all make it out alive this time around. There are some happy endings and a corny, bicycle riding montage (my personal favourite scene). Critics say that this adaptation isn’t all that scary and it is a bit corny but it still has a creep factor to it – when Pennywise transforms into his more demonic clown self it is pretty scary. Also, if I was in the bathroom and blood came spewing up from the drain – I would be terrified. Or show me the person who would keep their cool while being attacked by shower heads – sure, it doesn’t rely heavily on special effects or gore but it is still scary in its own way. Tim Curry was just in face paint (and his own hair), his acting in this role is mesmerizing and I wouldn’t want to see anyone else in it. Eh, it might not be for everyone but I think everyone should see it once in their lifetime.

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