31 Nights of Horror – Misery

Ya’ll ready for this? *queue Jock Jams* I don’t know if that is actually a part of a jock jam or not but it seems legit. Admittedly, I watch horror movies all year round but I am so excited that 31 Nights of Horror is here and gives me an excuse to blog about my horror movie obsession. This is by no means an original idea – there is a whole website dedicated to movies that one can watch leading up to Halloween and I know that loads of other people participate, post about it on the tweeter, blog about it, etc. That disclaimer out of the way, tonight’s film is a 1990 adaptation of the Stephen King thriller, Misery.

Kathy Bates (Annie Wilkes) delivers an absolutely bone-chilling performance and lends a creepy, new meaning to the accolade of number one fan. When famed romance novelist James Caan (Paul Sheldon) careens off the road outside of Silver Creek, Colorado (real place) during a heavy snow storm, his obsessive fan stumbles upon his comatose, broken body and takes him to her secluded home to safety. Turns out that Annie is not only Paul’s number one fan but also a (bat-shit crazy) nurse who can skillfully tend to his wounds and has a candy-land of pharmaceuticals. Paul was in Silver Creek writing a new novel that is a departure from his popular romance novels which he allows Annie to read. Annie hates the book and forces Paul to burn his rough draft, at this point we were already thinking that there was something off about this quirky nurse, our suspicions are confirmed when she decides to lock Paul in his room and torture him. Paul is slowly regaining his strength though and starts to sneak out of his room when Annie is away, he finds a scrapbook of articles about a trial that involved Nurse Annie and the mysterious deaths of several infants. We are pretty certain he’s gonna’ die at this point and we wish he would have when Annie hobbles him – don’t Google that, after discovering that he has been sneaking out of his room. Paul eventually escapes but is forever haunted by his time spent in captivity with his number one fan.


I love this film, I think it is one of Kathy Bates’ best roles. I watched the movie before reading the book as it was way easier to watch movies that I wasn’t supposed to be watching than it was to sneak contraband books into my mother’s household. The book is way creepier than the movie which I find to be the case with most Stephen King books. This is a fantastic adaptation and a rerun in my collection. It’s a gem, never did gibberish and nonsense words sound so terrifying 😛


I thought you were good, Paul…but you’re not good. You’re just another lying ol’ dirty bird.

He didn’t get out of the COCKADOODIE car. 



So begins the countdown to Halloween, I hope that you enjoyed this as it is a departure from my regular content (please don’t take me captive and plot my death).

Thanks for stopping by <3


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