31 Nights of Horror – Phantasm

I won’t lie, this movie is a little light on plot but it is still a classic in my book – if only for that creepy, organ music riff.  Jody and Mike are two brothers who recently lost their parents, they live in a small town that has recently been plagued by a rash of unexplained deaths. They become suspicious of a local mortician (the Tall Man) who is totally creepy but might be up to more sinister things than just looking like a weirdo. While chilling in the graveyard, Mike witnesses him stuffing a coffin into the back of his hearse and peeling out. He relays this to Jody who is skeptical but does also start to wonder if he isn’t behind some of the mysterious deaths. Mike then goes to meet with a psychic, he tells her of his worries she and convinces Mike that the enemy is nothing more than fear itself.



Later, Jody is on a date with a woman who we saw at the beginning of the film in the graveyard and Mike has followed them there. Mike is attacked by a creepy dwarf in a robe, he takes off running and when Jody catches up to him – he tells him what he saw. After he sends Mike home, Jody returns to his date who has disappeared. Jody and Mike are joined by a local ice cream man, Reggie in investigating the bizarre events. The trio ends up in the funeral home’s mausoleum and discover mysterious barrels, they also discover a gateway to another world. Mike enters the gateway and sees hundreds of the same dwarfs that had chased him in the woods. Mike realizes that they must be townspeople who have been shrunk down and used as slaves, The Tall Man’s Minions (I told you the plot wasn’t great). In the end, we see Reggie get stabbed by the same blonde lady who was on a date with Jody and who killed a man in the beginning. When I first watched this with the BF, he was confused as to why the lovely lady suddenly morphed into the Tall Man and I was like, Duh – it’s the phantasm 😛 Mike and Jody concoct a plan where they trap him in an abandoned mine shaft. Cut to present day, Mike is sitting next to Reggie who is telling him that he was just having a nightmare and we find out that Jody died in a car crash. Mike is convinced that the mine shaft will not hold the Tall Man and when he returns to his room is grabbed and pulled through to an alternate universe by a dwarf.



You just have to see it, the effects are cheese-tacular and it mostly doesn’t make sense but it wouldn’t be Halloween without the Tall Man – what a creep.

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