31 Nights of Horror – Repulsion

Sticking with the ever-popular theme of sex is bad and will get you killed or turn you into a serial killing maniac, we have Roman Polanski’s Repulsion. Catherine Deneuve plays Carol, a gorgeous young woman who works as a manicurist in an upscale salon in London. She is single and lives with her sister Helen in a super shitty flat, I don’t know why this stuck out to me but this place is a dump. Carol feels that men are constantly leering at her and while it seems this way in the movie, we start to wonder if she is imagining this or if it is really happening. What we do know, is that Carol is a man-hater who is repulsed by men and obviously uncomfortable with her sister having a relationship. Things get really nutty when Carol’s sister takes a long weekend with her boyfriend to Italy and Carol is left on her own in a deteriorating mental state. When she proceeds to isolate herself in her apartment after getting sent home from the salon, Colin, a possible suitor breaks down her door and proclaims his infatuation with her. Seems pretty extreme and probably not the best idea but I feel that Carol bludgeoning him to death was a bit of an overreaction. Carol then also kills her landlord after he attacks her, this murder was more justified but again – did he attack her or did she imagine it?




We never really find out why Carol loathed men, was the point of the movie that all men are pervs or that this is women’s perception of men…? Was this perhaps commentary on social issues of the time? I feel like there was something more to the plot line and Carol’s hatred towards men. In the final scene, the camera pans to a photo of Carol in her youth looking at a male figure with utter disgust. I jumped to the conclusion that Carol’s actions were influenced by childhood abuse but I cannot say for sure as the entire movie seemed like a hallucination. It’s interesting, definitely worth a watch!

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