31 Nights of Horror – Sinister

This movie will be one of the few modern horror movies that I have on my list. It isn’t that I haven’t seen a lot of the newer horror movies, I just don’t like them. They often times go too far and are just all around doing too much! I don’t like gore for the sake of gore or weird for the sake of weird, which I feel is the case with modern horror movies. If I want to see some horrific shit, I can just turn on the news – I feel that these movies are desensitizing society to real suffering and real violence. Sinister is a true crime, paranormal, psychological horror mash-up and felt more like some of the original horror movies, in my opinion.



Ethan Hawke plays a true-crime writer who moves his family into a home where a family mysteriously died. The tragedy was captured on film which we see in the beginning in a found-footage reel. That opening seen with found-footage is what sucked me in. Oswalt intends to use the mysterious deaths and disappearance of one of the children as the basis of his new book. He has 2 kids, a 7 year old daughter who paints a bunch of weird stuff on the walls and a 12 year old boy who experiences night terrors. The mother seems mostly normal but this family is overall kinda’ creepy. Oswalt, starts obsessively watching the footage of the deaths and starts noting the appearance of a masked individual and strange symbols. They turn out to be occult symbols for Bughuul, a pagan deity who would kill entire families except for one child who would be kept for their soul. Following some events, the family moves out of the home but this doesn’t save them from the murderous deity. It turns out that each murdered family had lived in the house where the previous family had been murdered and the murders occurred after the families had moved. Oswalt, thinking that he has saved his family has actually sealed their fate. More found-footage reveals that the children who had gone missing were actually the murderers who had become possessed by the deity while looking at photos of Bughuul. I won’t tell you who the murderer is but honestly, you figure it out pretty quick.


This movie had great atmosphere, the occult thing added to the creepiness of the film and killer kids are always pretty scary. It didn’t over do it with the Bughuul character, you really only see him often enough to scare the pants off yourself. This fear in the unknown reminds me of the Jason Voorhees character, we never actually see him in the first film and this makes him almost more terrifying as the franchise progresses – you don’t need to give everything away to be effective. I liked it, I have not seen the second one but might check it out.

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