31 Nights of Horror – Sleepy Hollow

Confession, I had never watched this movie until just this last weekend and wasn’t going to include it on the list. Unpopular opinion, I am not a fan of Johnny Depp. I don’t know why, he seems like a good actor but I’d watch pretty much any other actor in a movie over him, including Jake Gylenhaall. Yikes. That being said, this movie was all around enjoyable and definitely a new fav! It’s your traditional Ichabod Crane tale but with a bit of twist, in this film Crane is a police constable who is sent to investigate several slayings in Sleepy Hollow where the victims had been beheaded. Depp plays the role just as he does any other, quirky but it works.


On arriving in Sleepy Hollow, he is regaled with tales of a Hessian mercenary (Christopher Walken) who was known for his tactics on the battlefield and brutally beheading members of the opposing forces during the American Revolution. sleepy_hollow_katrina_riding_cape_4693 He was unstoppable on the battlefield until the day he was taken down by several soldiers and poetically decapitated. The townspeople believe that he has risen from the grave to wreak havoc on them. Being a man of science, Crane is skeptical and sets out to find out who the Headless Horseman really is and why he is beheading the local townsfolk. Turns out that the Hessian really has returned from the grave and is decapitating people but only at the behest of one of the villagers. Crane unravels a sordid tale of an age old revenge plot that results in pretty much the entire town being decapitated but eventually solves the case and heads home to New York.



I thought that this movie was really well cast, aside from Christina Ricci and those bleached eyebrows – not her best role but it was a look. The costumes were fantastic and the atmosphere was perfectly eerie for this Legend of Sleepy Hollow revival.

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