31 Nights of Horror – The House of the Devil

This is a modern slasher flick that takes place in the 1980’s, the movie was shot on 16 mm. film so that it actually looks aesthetically similar to the original 1970’s and 80’s horror films. I didn’t know this, the BF explained this to me being the actual film buff in the household. Anyway, the movie is about a college student, Samantha, who is trying to make the deposit on her rental home. She is contacted by the Ulman’s for a babysitting gig, they fail to show up to meet Samantha but contact her again apologizing and offering her double the money to babysit for them. Horror Buff Pro-Tip: If someone is plying you with cash that hard, get out of there. She agrees to babysit for them and convinces her friend Megan to drive her out to the Ulman’s creepy, secluded, menagerie of a house. On their arrival, Samantha is informed that she won’t be watching a child but an elderly woman instead – she almost bails but decides to stay after the couple offers to pay her even more money. Megan is reluctant to leave Samantha and is suspicious about the situation but leaves Samantha on her own with plans to pick her up later in the evening. Megan never makes it back, she is killed by a stranger while smoking a cigarette.


Back at the house, Samantha orders a pizza and discovers some strange things in the house. She thinks that the Ulman’s murdered the people who used to live in the house based on some photographs that she finds. Queue the pizza boy who turns out to be the same guy who murdered Megan. The pizza is drugged – saw that coming and Samantha passes out and awakes to being tied up in the middle of a pentagram. The Ulman’s, the pizza boy who turns out to be their son and the disgusting elderly mother (I am serious, total gag) commence a bizarre ritual once a lunar eclipse begins. Samantha is forced to drink blood and just when you think that she is going to die – she escapes. Mr. Ulman chases her outside of the house and into a field, he tells her that she is chosen. Samantha, brandishing a gun threatens to shoot him and he is chill with that, then she turns the gun on herself much to his horror. The closing scene is Samantha in a hospital, heavily bandaged with a nurse telling her that she will be just fine, they both will. She’s probably gonna’ have Satan’s baby.



This is another movie that doesn’t give everything away and capitalizes on the fear of the unknown. I love the throwback feel, the occult aspect and atmosphere – worth a watch!

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