31 Nights of Horror – The Witches of Eastwick

Cher, Susan Sarandon, Michelle Pfeiffer – I mean, drop the mic right there. Three single, jaded ladies who don’t know that they are witches accidentally form a coven. Can this be my life? Just gettin’ together with the ladies and we find out that we are a coven and accidentally hex people. Anyway, the trio lives in Eastwick, Rhode Island, a peaceful, white-picket fence town until Daryl Van Horne (Jack Nicholson) moves to town to shake it up. He purchases a town landmark, the Lennox Mansion that is rumored to have been built on the site where witches had been burned. Daryl pursues the ladies and invites them to spend time at his mansion. The ladies discover their powers in a fit of jealousy and decide to share Daryl. This would only happen to Jack Nicholson.



Daryl uses the trio to wreak havoc on the townspeople and they decide to separate themselves from him in the wake of an accidental death. D (the Devil, we know by now that is Satan) unleashes snakes, premature aging and chronic pain on them ultimately driving them back under his control. They decide to use their powers against him and invoke voodoo magic to banish him from the town. Daryl doesn’t go down without a fight but the witches eventually prevail. In the closing scene we see that each of the women have a new baby (I didn’t get this) and they are living in Daryl’s mansion.



It’s campy and an overall fun time. I like Nicholson in most anything and Susan Sarandon’s sex goddess transformation is second to none.

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