31 Nights of Horror – The X-Files

I binge watch the shit out of some X-Files, I don’t even care how cheesy the episodes are or how wildly unrealistic the cases are, or that none of the cases get solved, or that Scully constantly loses her gun and gets kidnapped – this is still one of my favourite shows. I have put together a short list of my favourite episodes, enjoy!


S.1 Ep.3 Squeeze – Eugene Victor Tooms is a decade spanning, mutant serial killer that comes out of hibernation every 30 years to steal livers. He can squeeze into and out of any space which helps him to elude capture for nearly 100 years. Probably the best but most disgusting part of the episode is when Mulder and Scully discover his bile cave – total gag. We see Tooms in another episode later on in the series and he is still just as creepy.

S.1 Ep.11 Eve – Anything to do with genetics, the Human Genome Project and I am there. Mulder and Scully uncover a twisted tale of genetics tampering and cloning while investigating two mysterious deaths. In both deaths, 2 young girls are the only witnesses – when the agents interview each girl they find that they are identical twins and a part of a genetics experiment. These individuals have superhuman strength, superior intelligence but are also prone to homicidal mania. The Eves are ultimately caught and institutionalized but in the closing scene there is some ambiguity as to whether they escape or not. Harriet Harris is brilliant as the older Eves – she makes the episode for me!

S.2 Ep.13 Irresistible – Mulder and Scully are called to Minneapolis to investigate cases of exhumation and desecration of grave sites. They discover that items are being taken from the graves such as locks of hair or finger nails and start looking for a fetishist. Enter, Donnie Pfaster who is just your homegrown, Minnesotan boy who delivers groceries. They catch him but not before he gets the drop on Scully and almost kills her. I like this episode because this is how Minnesotans really are, a little gullible and a little too trusting. I have my groceries delivered, I don’t watch the delivery guy – he has free reign (super nice guy) and I don’t think twice about it! I don’t lock my car doors, that Minnesota Nice thing is really a thing and it grows on you – then BAM, you get Donnie Pfaster’d 🙂

S.2 Ep.20 Humbug – I am also down for carnies, this episode is hysterical and the cast is stacked. I love the carnies’ perception of the agents and how mundane it must be to just be normal. The agents are trying to determine what is killing off members of the camp, Mulder thinks it is extraterrestrial but it turns out to be a case of feuding siblings. A really fun watch.

S.3 Ep.13 Syzgy – Scully ripping a smoke in her hotel room, pretty much all you need to know about this episode. The agents travel to a small town where there are a lot of strange things going on, this town is in the epicenter of some extreme cosmic forces. It has a very teenage witch, The Craft feel to it – quite a romp.


S.5 Ep.12 Bad Blood – Another ultra zany episode, Mulder and Scully are asked to recount details of an investigation that led to the shooting of a suspect. As they each retell their versions of what happened, it is hilarious to hear their interpretation of how events occurred. Fake vampires, tainted pizza and Luke Wilson – it is a good time.

Those are all that come to mind, you will probably notice that I am not crazy about the episodes that are too heavily alien-themed. I think those episodes are so sad because the aliens are either being experimented on, being held captive or getting killed! I do love any episode with Frohike and the Lone Gunmen because they are hilarious.


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