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500 Posts: A Reflection

WordPress notified me that I have officially posted 500 times on my blog. Admittedly, I have cheated a little with the double posts for Halloween movies and I hope that the double posts aren’t overwhelming. I am still excited though! What have I talked about in these 500 posts – literally no idea. I started this blog years ago and posted a couple of times, then stopped posting for a year or so until a co-worker randomly found my blog and asked me about it – I had no idea that it was still hanging out in cyberspace. I decided to start posting again, the beauty niche had definitely quadrupled since I first started and I felt like a total amateur. I still mostly feel like an amateur, I think that my flat lays have improved but my swatches are sloppy and my MOTD’s are questionable. I don’t get how people can take photos and capture every single layer of shadow and detail, I hate selfies and usually just go with the first take. People always tell me that I have so few photos on Facebook – it’s by design, people. Anyway, I picked a few random questions to answer about my blogger life, enjoy 🙂


Why did I start my blog? Let’s just get real cliche here, shall we 😛 I worked for a soul-sucking, toxic corporation run by monsters and I needed an outlet. I needed 45 minutes of my day that was spent doing something that I enjoyed. A little career advice, don’t pour your heart into a company that doesn’t appreciate you and can replace you in a week if they have to. I spent 6 years at that dump and for what? Certainly not for my health (not even being dramatic, I worked for a health and wellness company and gained 20 pounds within the first 2 years) or any appreciation, still hoping that they go under – not sorry about it. I love my job now, it is totally different than what I was used to – it was a gamble when I quit but it paid off and I couldn’t be happier. Since I have been happier at work, I also feel as though I can put more quality time into doing things that I enjoy and my blog has benefited.

What do I blog about? What don’t I blog about. Granted most of my site is dedicated to beauty but since changing the name of my blog and leaving it more open-ended, I have started a Dear Diary series where I talk about whatever I want, a smattering of fashion posts and 1 or 2 recipes. I cannot photograph food, it just looks like a pile when I try to but I cook constantly and would love to share more.

Why do I keep blogging? It is fun, I love the blogging community, I enjoy their content and it is something that is just mine. My whole life has been spent sharing myself (doesn’t sound quite the way that I want it to) but I have always taken care of someone, shared my time, etc and blogging is something that is completely and selfishly mine. It sounds selfish, because it is.

Why don’t I blog about something  important? I have actually been asked this and I feel as though by important that the person meant politics. I am not qualified to blog about politics and probably about 60 percent of people that you find on the internet who do, aren’t either. I think that social media has provided a sometimes helpful but mostly dangerous platform for anyone and everyone with an internet connection to influence uninformed masses. Sure, we all have an opinion but I recently read something that intrigued me, the commentator was touching on how strong opinions are becoming widely accepted as fact and it is hard to discern the two in today’s day and age. Just because someone thinks that they are right, doesn’t make it a fact – always do your own research people. American society has gotten to such a point of pigheadedness that it is almost impossible to share opinions in a respectful manner, by all means share your opinion – but to be clear, nobody’s opinion is a point of fact. Anything that someone tells you, even if it is your grandmother, listen, consider, walk away and research. I am rambling here, I have some fleeting knowledge of beauty shit and that is why I blog about it.


Where do I see this blog going? Have also been asked this and I think they were wondering if I thought it could make me money and to that I say, no. Like I mentioned, the beauty niche has absolutely exploded and I just don’t have the skills or knowledge to really compete with, well, anyone 😛 I would like to attend a blogger event, I have gone to the VIB Rouge early access events but I want to go to a real blogger event.


That’s all I can think of and I am already at 727 words, which makes me feel like a complete narcissist. If you have a question though, please leave it in the comments – I would love to read them 🙂 Thanks for sticking with me for 500 posts about mostly unimportant stuff, lots of rambling and poorly lit selfies – I really do appreciate it!

Thanks for stopping by <3


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