Anti-Haul #7

I drive by a pumpkin patch on my way to work each day and the little pumpkins are so cute – I love it when they start popping up enough to see from the road. I don’t know why this delights me so much but it is just a small thing that makes me smile.

Now that we are being bombarded with holiday releases upon holiday releases, I think it’s fair to post an anti-haul. To start, I have this Glitter Pop Peel Off Eyeliner from TooFaced because, what? If there is one area on my body that I don’t want peel products, it is definitely my eye area. Apparently, this is like glitter in glue that you paint on and it stays put until you peel it off. I would be the person who peels of their eyelashes. The colours look really lovely but the concept is lost on me.


Nude lip mini kits – two in particular that I keep looking at include the KVD Everlasting Mini Liquid Lipstick Set and the Mini Velour Liquid Lipsticks Nudes: Volume I from Jeffree Star. I just don’t need more nudes, I keep looking at them thinking that I am going to use them and I won’t – I look bizarre in nudes. Stinking cute mini tubes though 😛



This next palette is such a disappointment, I own the Violet Voss x Laura Lee palette and I love it – I use it all of the time. I am not her biggest fan but I was excited to hear that she was dropping her very own palette and it fell totally flat for me. It’s another warm toned palette with a black shadow, people. I am going to have to pass – I don’t care if it is the Cat’s Pajamas.


This eyeshadow palette from BECCA (Apres Ski Glow Collection: Eye Lights Eyeshadow) is also a pass for me, I thought that it was a collection of their face highlighters in a palette (which it is) but it’s being marketed as an eye palette and that just makes it seem lazy. Let’s slap some snowflakes on a compact and release it as a new product for the holidays, I don’t think so.


I think that’s it – I am not big into gift sets either but I haven’t seen any that especially annoy me. Gift sets go one of two ways for me, they include such a minuscule amount of product that it’s a waste or they provide a great overview of a brand – there’s no in between. What are you swearing of this holiday season?

Thanks for stopping by <3

PS – Who else is bummed about Tom Petty? All of the legends are getting so old <3

Tom Petty &amp; The Heartbreakers in concert, Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK - 15 May 1977


  • ayrgalaxy

    I don’t even follow LauraLee but I did see her post because someone shared it, but I didn’t think it was a palette to write home about, I guess. I have most of the shades. Honestly, I feel like that about anything that comes out–either I have something like it or it’s too expensive lol. But congrats for her accomplishment lol.

    • Stella

      Right – everything seems like a repeat recently and she is trying to sell it like it is something innovative because of the formula. Absolutely, it is cool to see independent creators come out with products, it does seem a little on the expensive side though!

      • ayrgalaxy

        That makes me a little weary, like it’s great that they have spent so much time and effort creating something that’s theirs, but I mean, they’re technically a regular person who happens to be famous because of YouTube, and even so, I don’t feel like their palettes or makeup line should be crazy expensive. Like humble yourselves, yes you want to get rich fast but making something that’s high quality and still affordable is more likely to draw the interest of people who aren’t followers. And I usually feel like that about any collabs, only die hard fans will buy their stuff, no questions asked. I’m not a die hard fan of anyone, lol. I like affordable products with good formulas and I like to see different shades. Give me that and I’ll give you my money LOL

        • Stella

          Exactly, I think that they know that their fans are going to be pay whatever they ask because they want to support them. Same here, I just want good makeup at the right price 😊

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