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Best of October

I don’t usually go all out for Christmas décor but for some reason I just want my apartment to look like holiday vomit this year. I want trees in the bathrooms, tinsel, that spray can snow on the windows. Do they still make that? I am going all out this year, I’m going tacky, cookie cutter kitsch 😛 The BF just vetoed the trees in the bathrooms, honestly.

I only have a handful of favourites this month, I have been using so many of the same products that I talk about all of the time so I will spare you. First, we have the Fit Me foundation and powder, this duo is awesome and provides such a flawless base with very little effort. The foundation is gorgeous, it makes my skin look amazing and the powder is perfect for locking everything into place.


Of course I have my favourite fall blusher on repeat, Dallas is the perfect dusty rose with a touch of bronze that warms up the complexion. This shade is also versatile, I wear it with warm and cool toned eye looks.


I received this L’Ange Detangling Conditioning Spray in a subbox and I am obsessed, it smells summery and tropical and tames all of my frizzies. It provides tons of moisture without being super greasy.


This PUR palette is a fairly recent pick-up but I have been using it non-stop since I purchased it. This is a collab palette with Etienne Ortega and it is perfect. This is literally the worst picture in existence but I will review and post swatches with better pics. This palette has such an interesting range of colours, I like that not only does it have a matte black but it also has a shimmery black – it makes it easy to lay down black shadow and then pack the glitter over it without making a mess. The consistency of these shadows makes them really easy to work with, they are a tad stiffer but so pigmented. More on this one soon.


And my last favourite of the month is this mug that I picked up on Etsy – how neat is this decal? It’s like a zombie Starbucks mer-woman or whatever that thing is.


The seller offers a couple of colour combos and I think I need another one for work.

Another month at an end, what did you love in October?

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