Dear Diary, Senseless

I had an anti-haul to go up today that I am rescheduling for tomorrow, 31 Nights of Horror continues this evening, somehow it doesn’t feel appropriate though. It astounds me that just when you think the world is pretty much at its worst, it actually gets worse. I think that America is a wonderful country, I cannot think of anywhere else that I would want to live in the world. It is easy to judge us by what you see on popular news networks and social media but there’s so much more. We are privy to a way of life that drives people to sacrifice everything they have for a slice of. That being said, I think it is time for Americans to lose some freedoms and I am not sorry about it. I am a conservative who believes in limited government involvement so this isn’t the norm but there is so much abuse of freedom it is just disgusting. My mom was a huge Bob Dylan fan and I remember hearing License to Kill when I was a kid, never really understood it but the lyrics make more sense with each passing year…



I hope that you find something beautiful in today <3


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