Fall Fashion Haul: Part I

I am doing a Christmas list for a local shelter, they list out a bunch of stuff that they would like to give to kids at the shelter and I collect the items and deliver them. Blah, blah, blah. One of the items listed was Shopkins which, not having little kids in my life regularly, I had no idea what that was. I did some research and they are these little, figurine things that I still don’t totally get anyway, while I was doing my research I read many a review. In one review, the package was supposed to contain 30 pieces but there were only 27 and the purchaser’s daughter was not happy and cried. See, this is why I could never have kids – I would have dumped them all in the garbage disposal. That kid opened up 27, twenty-seven little packets and cried over missing 3?! Maybe it just especially pissed me off because I was purchasing the item for a child who doesn’t even have a place to sleep and this kid was losing it over 3 Shopkins? Sometimes, I just don’t know. Legit though, what does one do with these little things – are they just collectibles? Let me know.

I hate taking photos of clothing – it is so floppy and uncooperative so I gave up, hence why this is only Part I πŸ˜€ The first place that I stopped was Old Navy because I had some serious Super Cash to spend. I know most of their stuff is fast-fashion, I still purchase a lot of basics there because they tend to last me a few seasons and their sizing is surprisingly consistent. Something to know about my style, plain πŸ™‚

I picked out a couple of crew necks that are just long enough to be worn with leggings but can also be tucked into a skirt. I chose a grey, black and navy but I also decided to go with these two in magenta and orange! What do you think – is the orange too much? These are really soft and thin enough to be layered up but I’ll mostly wear them with cardigans.


Next, more shirts – some basic v-necks in a forest green, burgundy, mustard and basic stripes. Same deal here, super soft and easy to layer up.


I don’t generally purchase pants or skirts at Old Navy but I found some pretty cute, basic pencil skirts and since they are my weakness and on sale, I had to have them. These two blobs of cloth are actually sweater knit skirts. They are lined and the material is soft but plush, these are going to be awesome for those 20 below days.


Finally, I chose two jersey knit, striped skirts that are a tad thinner but will do with tights and tall boots.


That’s all the patience that I had for today and taking pics of clothes – thanks for stopping by <3


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