Fall Fashion Inspo.

We are currently experiencing torrential rain, photos aren’t gonna’ happen today. I am watching The Simpsons and online shopping for clothing that will probably end with me purchasing something wildly impractical. I have a work uniform, I wear pretty much the same thing every day – pencil skirt, blouse, cardigan in variations of black, navy, grey and the occasional red. I am going through my fashion board for some wardrobe ideas, to start – sassy pants! Florals, textures, bold colours – if I am going to wear pants, they are going to have to be sassy.

Are corduroys still a thing because I am feeling those purple ones, the cut is amazing. This is definitely TMI, I love all of these skinny styles and I have found cute patterns before but they are always too short in the torso. I have always had this issue with pants, hence the reason I don’t wear pants. I love a good pencil skirt, they are low-maintenance and don’t require a lot of fussing throughout the day. If you can do it in pants, you can do it in a pencil skirt but I would like more midis too – they are just so much more flouncy and require a little more finessing. Also, tucking a midi into your tights potential is way higher than with a pencil skirt.

Still on the hunt for a black and white striped top, I am like 97% sure that I cannot wear a crop top to work nor should I.

And finally, some colours other than black but not making any promises.

No lie, I am probably just going to re-up on my black skirts, tights, grey tops and frumpy cardigans but a girl can dream of a world outside of her comfort zone right? Oh, and I will throw in a sequin piece that won’t ever see the light of day for good measure 😛

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  • Siyana

    I’m always amazed to see how people are rocking in a jumper or a skirt. Unless I have a really warm jacket and a scarf, you won’t see me outside 😀

  • Selena Hannah

    Mustard yellow is such an earthy color. It would go great with the rest of your wardrobe. If you give any color a try, it should be that. You kinda stay in your comfort zone that way.

      • Selena Hannah

        YAY! I’m going to be keeping an eye out too. I need more basics in my wardrobe. I just decluttered a ton of clothes that I never wear, which made me realize that I really don’t have that many CLOTHES that fit my body. I was hanging onto clothes from prepregancy that I am just never going to fit into ever again.

        • Stella

          I found one blouse so far! I thought this was going to be easier but I hate shopping. Good for you, getting rid of unused stuff is awesome. Well, that is a good excuse to go shopping then!

          • Selena Hannah

            Yes, it is. No use holding onto my high school prom dress. I will be going thrift store shopping soon. Probably on Sunday, if you get stuff you need to haul it. What color blouse? Something with color? I think a pale pink could go well too.

          • Stella

            Hahaha! Well hey, I know some gals who still keep their dresses. I donate mine long ago, agree – don’t need it. I will – I would love to do a fashion post! A mustard blouse – I am super excited. Ooohh. that would be a nice colour, such good advice!!

  • ayrgalaxy

    I’m loving the leggings and heels look, something I would definitely wear. 🙂 Also the oversized sweaters! Too bad I don’t own more lol. I wish I could wear skirts more often during fall but it gets way too cold.

    • Stella

      Me too – very sleek! I keep trying to do the big sweaters, so cozy. That’s the tricky part with skirts, they aren’t fun in cold weather 😊

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