First Impression Friday – Fenty Beauty

What haven’t you heard about this brand, probably nothing? Do I have any new insights to share, probably not. Honestly,  I don’t often go in for the celebrity beauty brands – I prefer established brands with a reputation for quality. I appreciate that this brand didn’t release a ton of random products all at once, it was a curated collection of face products followed by a holiday collection. I also appreciate that the prices are not completely outrageous, they are on-par with high-end beauty brands. Some of these newer brands come out with products that can be quite spendy given the fact that they have no track record to back the cost. Those two factors and the mostly rave reviews convinced me to try a couple of things out but I did wait until the holiday collection released, today I am only talking about the foundation and gloss balm.



Neither of these are true first impressions, I have been using each of these for about a week but think that I have a decent opinion of each product at this point. To start, I have the Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation and I am just going to say it – this foundation is a disaster. The bottle is stunning, it is a sleek frosted bottle with a super nice pump. I picked up shade 110 that is supposed to be very fair with cool undertones which is pretty much what I would go for in any brand. The shade is so white that I would probably be able to use it as a mixing medium – I was advised to get the lighter shade as this foundation is supposed to darken after application. I was a little worried about this, when pinkier foundations darken they can get real orange but I was willing to give it a try. Plot twist – this foundation didn’t darken on me, it just stayed white and chalky. The texture of this foundation was fairly thick when first pumped out but it wasn’t terribly hard to get it blended out. Although, I did notice that this product has to be pressed and worked into the skin, it doesn’t provide a quick and flawless application. Coverage was – meh. I tried with and without concealer, I prefer it with concealer and this did help the shade a bit too. I just don’t like the way my skin looks with this foundation, it looks dry and crepe-y especially around my mouth and under my eyes. I tried using heavier moisturizers to ensure that my skin was really well prepped but this didn’t help. The heavier the cream, the harder it was to get this foundation to set down and the more powder I had to use. Setting sprays caused the same issue, the foundation became too wet and wouldn’t set. Once it is on, you can’t touch it – if my hair touched my face or if I tried to touch up during the day, I found that the foundation would totally pick up and leave bare patches. I have tried a ton of my fav primers and just didn’t find one that really worked well with this product, I didn’t purchase the Fenty primer because I literally have like a dozen primers. Would I purchase the primer? I mean, maybe but not any time soon and I don’t think that I should need to purchase an additional product to make one product work. You get a little over an ounce of product for $34 which isn’t bad, this foundation is offered in 40 shades.



Now to a product that I am obsessed with, the Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminzier which is stunning and my new favourite high-shine lip product. The component is stunning, I don’t have a pic because I left it at work – clearly a sign that I am going to need a back-up! This gloss comes in one, universally flattering rose nude and I don’t know why it is so glorious but I love it. That little bit of colour is just enough to finish a look. It isn’t too sticky, provides moisture, it isn’t gritty – it is just perfect. I personally think it smells like cherry Kool-Aid but I don’t know if that was what they were going for, I like it – the scent reminds me of my childhood. I love this gloss, I do think it is something special and unlike anything that I have used before. I need one for everything in my life, this retails at $19 for .3 ounces and it is worth it.


Those are the two products that I tried from the initial launch, I might go back for the primer but I am skeptical of it making the foundation any better. I have not played with the holiday pieces that I picked up yet but will post when I do! What have you tried from the line?

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  • Don't Give a Jam

    I haven’t tried any of this bcuz like you, I don’t typically go for the celeb brands! I’ve heard a lot about it tho & I really appreciate your honest review. I might have to give that gloss a try, you know it’s good when you want more than one! 🙌🏻

    • Stella

      Yea, I am always a little hesitant with these types of lines but I had heard really good stuff about the foundation. Of course, glad to share my experience – wishing it wasn’t such a downer! The gloss is a keeper, thanks for reading <3

  • hoiyinli

    Such a shame that the foundation didn’t work out for you! One of my best friends loves the foundation so it seems to be either a major hit or a major hit.

    I could order online but really afraid that I’ll pick out the wrong shade especially if it darkens (I’m guessing I’m either 150 or 160). I don’t have a local store by me that stocks Fenty beauty either.

    Having said that, am impressed with the way the brand has been marketed so far. Price point, packaging, concept…she has really thought about it!

    • Stella

      Yes! I was hoping to love it but no luck 😔 Getting matched in-store didn’t help because it was apparently supposed to darken once dry and it didn’t. I’m unsure if that’s how it would be for everyone but it makes it hard to find a match! I agree, she has done a nice job with the line and that’s a major reason that I was drawn to it. Definitely interested in trying more!


    Great post- I HATED this foundation. It did everything horrible that you described and accentuated every flaw I didn’t know I had! Definitely a product I turned to bloggers for advice with as most Youtube tutorials all raved about it. I rarely return makeup but I returned that foundation after about 3 weeks of trying to make it work. xo J

    • Stella

      Right! All of the ‘gurus’ that I watched were raving about it. It’s really terrible, I just can’t get over how bad it made my skin look. Agreed, I hate returning products and will strive to make them work but this is going back 😔

      • DOLLED UP BY J

        Gotta love paid PR videos right….or just because they’re on a PR list they will speak so highly of products. I really love Tati because she does check ins on all her videos and doesn’t just give a product a seal of approval after 5 minutes.

  • starringpamela

    Love your review! I haven’t tried anything from the line but I was in a Sephora the first weekend after that it launched and everyone was running in and calling in to get their shades! Should have grabbed something! 😂

    • Stella

      Of course! I bought it based on all of the rave reviews, I am glad that it worked for them but it was a total dud for me, thanks for reading <3

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