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Friday Funday – Halloween Home Decor

Totally random (and late) post coming at you today – I had the day off and it is snowing!! Talk about perfect timing, now everyone can get their snow driving legs on without me dealing with them in rush hour. I have been out since about 7, tying up loose ends for Halloween, got my hair done – I ruined the style though cramming it into my snow hat, so now I look like Rumpelstiltskin from Shrek, it’s a look.


I shared with you guys my work decorations and thought I’d give you a peek of my home décor. Honestly, not that much this year – I really went HAM at work, I guess. Wandering around Hobby Lobby with the snow coming down and all of the Christmas décor almost put me in the mood to put my tree out and Halloween isn’t even done yet. Sad face.


The mantle, the burlap trick or treat was way longer than I thought it would be. My cats love knocking down the poor, felted pumpkin king and beating him up.

This little guy hangs on the outside of the door so that kids know we are handing out treats.


Also in the hall and finally, the treats I am passing out this year:


What are your Halloween plans? Are you ready for Christmas yet?

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