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Halloween Decor – Office Edition

I accidentally downloaded a Young Adult novel that Audible has in the Thriller/Mystery section and no shame – it is so good. I was raving about it to a friend who says, Isn’t that teen fiction? My friends have very discerning taste in literature apparently and don’t read teen fiction 😛

I wanted to do a beauty post this morning, I feel like I haven’t swatched anything in a hot minute but I ran out of daylight for photos last night. I thought that I would share my Halloween office decor – that went up only a couple of days before October 1st 😀 I didn’t decorate last year because I was new but at my previous job, everyone anticipated me going all out for my fav holiday. I have phased a few things in so as not to shock anyone and tried to keep it tasteful. I also wanted to keep it colourful and cutesy because we see a lot of little kids and I wanted to have a fun vibe rather than too spooky or creepy. I have this thing with little kids where they already tend to be scared of me, I don’t need to make that any worse. Our office is this really trendy sea-foam green so clearly nothing is clashing and fluorescent lighting isn’t anyone’s friend…

Those are rat silhouettes, how cute are those!? I do not own the giant skeleton, he was donated to the department.


My giant flies, look at that stunning upholstery.
The rainboots aren’t Halloween decor, they are just on my desk all of the time.

That’s it, I think I kept it low-key but festive – what do you think? More bats and glitter, right? I work in Parks & Rec so I feel that we get to have a little more fun than other departments and my boss seemed pretty chill with the decor. For any shrewd tax-payers, it all went up before I was on the clock and everything was purchased by yours truly or it was donated 🙂

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