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Indie Brands to Try: Take Two

I haven’t posted on Indie Beauty brands for 8 months?! I have managed to try a few brands that were on my last list but have also since found some new ones that piqued my curiosity. I own primarily mainstream brands but I am always on the hunt for new products that are a bit different and indie brands do different the best.

First on my list is ittse, I recently watched a few videos from Coffee Break With Dani which lead me to her collaboration with this brand. The Lotus Collection is a quad of foiling pigments – sounds amazing. ITTSEThe brand offers a ton of single shadows, bronzer/blusher/highlight and even some brow products. You can choose from single pans or their curated collections, they also have a range of empty palettes for storing all of your goodies. ittse is a San Francisco based company, their products are paraben, gluten and cruelty free!

Here is a snip of some of their curated collections, you can choose to order the single pans or with a palette!

I have been on the fence about trying BeautyCounter in all honesty – I appreciate their healthy approach to beauty but they seem very judgmental! Their slogan seems to be, buy our products or just keep slathering poison on your face. BEAUTY COUNTERIf you didn’t know, their whole mantra is creating beauty products without the harmful additives, ingredients that haven’t been properly vetted (The Never List) and well, poison that other brands use. I would love to try a few things and see how they stack up against my favourite brands – they are a little trickier to shop as you have to meet one on one with a consultant or go to a social.

Even though this next brand is now at Sephora, I am still counting it as indie. I have had items from Drunk Elephant in my cart more than once, peeked at them when I am in the store but for some reason just never went for it. brand_logoThis is another brand that is all about good, simple and effective ingredients. Everything comes with a hefty price tag but they do offer a selection of mini kits, I would go the kit option to get an overview of the brand.



For the love of nail polish, I must try FlossGloss – this brand has so many unique shades and I love the throwback decanters with the gold – so stunning. They are a New York based brand, their products are cruelty free, vegan friendly and 7 free – also, the price tag isn’t bad at all for an indie brand!

Finally, we have crunchi – this is another brand with a non-toxic platform. They have a range of products including; foundation, concealer, primer, lipstick and gloss, finishing powder and even brushes. CrunchiThe prices are definitely high-end/luxury and are formulated with safe, effective ingredients. I want to try their liquid foundation and eye-shadow singles primarily. All of their products are either vegan or vegetarian with all being cruelty free!


I think that is it! If I haul anything, I will definitely post about it – have you tried any of these brands?

Thanks for stopping by <3



  • katherinermaclauchlan

    Hi Stella! Great post! You can try Beautycounter through their website as well- no need to meet up with anyone- or /katherinemaclauchlan – the return policy is great and if you shop through a consultant we can help with any returns or exchanges. Thanks for researching and trying smaller brands!

    • Stella

      That’s fantastic to hear, I just always thought that for some reason and it’s been the number one deterrent for not ordering anything! So many of their products look amazing, I’m going to have to go for it sooner than later. Thank you for sharing this with me, I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment!

  • lipstickcocktails

    I actually did buy a good Drunk Elephant starter kit this weekend cause I heard so many good things. I can let you know how it is. Will be a couple weeks though. I packed it up for my move so things don’t get lost and I can try it all at once.

    • Stella

      I would love to hear what you think of it when you know! I am definitely curious about the brand but the price point always puts me off, it would be nice to try them before committing!

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