Julianne’s Red

The perfect, red lipstick – what an elusive thing it is. L’Oreal released a range of pinks, nudes and reds formulated after some of Hollywood’s loveliest lips and their signature shades. I picked up a few from the range because I have a problem needed a red lipstick and thought that this would be my penguin. The package is lovely, it is black matte with gold detail and has Julianne’s signature stamped on it – it feels like it cost more than 5 bucks. I chose Julianne’s Red because Julianne Moore is also a ginger and figured that this would work with my skin tone. At first glance, this lipstick is very tomato-y with an almost purple undertone but that isn’t how it looks on the lips. This is a true, matte red but on my lips it has a surprisingly pink appearance – I was kinda’ bummed as I prefer more orange-y reds but this lipstick has its charm. The pinkier tones make this lipstick a little easier to wear during the day but still makes a bold statement. The dry down is very matte but the lipstick still feels creamy while wearing it. I had no issue with touching this lipstick up over the course of the day, it did transfer but nothing major. I think it is a lovely shade of red just not the one and I definitely have others in my collection that I prefer.



I did pick up a few of their other mattes and I have to say that they are a really lovely formula. They are comfortable to wear and pretty low-maintenance, I am definitely loving them!



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