Ms. Frizzle Costume – ft. Modcloth

I am starting to plan my Halloween costume, I like to purchase pieces of actual clothing and accessories that I can wear all year round. Halloween can get expensive and it makes me feel better when I am able to re-use my purchases. I am doing Ms. Frizzle this year because I haven’t crimped the dickens out of my hair in a while plus it gives me an excuse to purchase some wildly quirky attire and Modcloth never lets me down when it comes to quirk (also, they are having their Friends & Family Sale which is 30% off your order of $100 or more)! Here are the three ideas that I am considering, let me know what you think!

If you don’t know who Ms. Frizzle is – she was an eccentric elementary school teacher in The Magic School Bus which was a book and television series in the early 90’s. She was always in these bizarre outfits that matched the theme of the field trip that her Science class would be taking in the episode and she had a pet lizard named Liz – the writers were sheer geniuses 😛 The key to Ms. Frizzle is clashing but sticking to a theme, so keep that in mind when you see what I have picked out. The first ensemble is probably the most common Frizzle, it is her solar system outfit and here is my take on it:

You deservea margarita (1)

I think that there were several episodes during which Frizzle wore dinosaur themed clothing, lizard themed, etc, I own this dinosaur necklace already and figured it would be an awesome time to bust it out:

You deservea margarita (2)

Finally, I have this cactus look and though I cannot find an image of Frizzle in exactly something like this – I think it’s Frizzle-y enough to call it a costume but also matchy-matchy enough that I would probably just wear this 😀 I also simply adore this dress and might just have to purchase it either way!

You deservea margarita (3)

And of course, I need a Liz – I found this creepily life-like one on Amazon. It could be an iguana, I am unsure – does anyone know?


There are a number of ways that you could make Frizzle come to life, just pick a theme and go nuts. She had some looks, I recall a coat that had a recycling motif – fabulous. Let me know what you think of my concepts!! Do you dress up? What are you going to be this year?

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