My Favourite Indie Brands

Denver already got their first snow storm and I am a little jealous. I love Denver, I never imagined that I would stay this long in the Twin Cities and sometimes I dream of moving back home but I know it has changed and that would just make me sad. I like the Twin Cities but I do not love them, there is just something about the west that will always have my heart and the snow, obviously. Speaking of changes, my favourite Chinese cuisine restaurant in the metro closed! The last fortune that I received from this restaurant was; Welcome the changes that are coming into your life. Is this what they meant!? Was it a foreshadowing of their closing – what kind of shit change is that? I will not welcome this nor will I welcome the Red Robin, Fuddruckers or other cliche, non-imaginative, chain restaurant that will probably take its place. *le sigh* Keep Minneapolis weird, people – not all bright, shiny and over-commercialized. I suspect that there will be more of this as we attempt to spruce things up for the Super Bowl – who even watches that anymore? Honestly.

We all know that I love indie brands, I am constantly looking for new brands but also have a few favourites that I cannot get enough of. To start, what makes an indie brand? An indie brand is an independently owned/funded brand that produces a curated collection of goods (cosmetics, in this case) that fit their niche and stick to a specific brand narrative. Many of my favourite indie brands are made in the US, cruelty-free, vegan, gluten-free, you get the idea. Their products are often made in small batches and offered exclusively through their website/authorized retailers but we have seen a slew of indie brands being offered in Sephora and ULTA more recently. I love seeing indie brands in stores but it also makes me wary that they are on the road to selling out like the OG indie brand Urban Decay which is now owned by L’Oreal but I digress. Here is a run down of my most coveted brands.

ColourPop – Who doesn’t love this brand!? Known for their incredibly affordable and high-quality eye-shadows and lippies, they have recently branched out to include blushers, bronzers, pressed products and concealers. They offer some of the coolest collabs with gurus like Kathleen Lights, Alexis Ren and Karrueche to name a few. The brand has also released a few pop-culture themed collections with the likes of Hello Kitty and most recently, My Little Ponies – that I am absolutely going ga-ga for. The brand is so colourful, constantly releasing new products and you cannot beat the quality!

Glossier – Chic, low-maintenance, totally chill. Started by beauty editor Emily Weiss, this brand is the authority on cool girl chic. I read Into the Gloss well before I dabbled in the brand, if you ever want to read about the elaborate beauty routines of the disgustingly rich and famous, check it out. Their current interview is with Victoria Beckham, my favourite interview was with the Emma Watson but they always have very interesting pieces on their site. The brand aesthetic is what caught my attention but their products are also pretty fantastic, I am pumped to try their new body products! I definitely recommend this brand for sensitive/temperamental skin and several of their products are staples in my cabinet.

LimeCrime – Eek. I don’t need to go into this brand’s history, it is dicey but what I appreciate is that the brand founder and self-proclaimed Mother of Unicorns, Doe Deere has all but removed herself from the face of the brand. Sure, she still posts on social media and appears in photo shoots but when this brand started it felt like you were buying her and not the products but we’ve moved past what a strange person she is. Speaking of products, their Velvetines are hands down the best matte, liquid lip on the market and dare I say, the first? They were doing mattes well before any other brand and they did it right the first time. This brand also offers various eyeshadows, highlighters and lip-toppers, I am excited to see what else they conjure up!

Melt Cosmetics – Known for their shadow Stacks this brand is on-trend but totally edgy. Their eye-shadow formula is consistently perfect, their stacks offer a variety of unique but very wearable options. I love their eye-liners and have been testing out their liquid lippies that were released last month but like them so far as well. I appreciate the creativity behind the brand and their marketing is captivating yet subtle.

I could spend all day talking indie brands but we’ll leave it at that 😛 These are my current favs but there are so many amazing brands out there. I am always looking for recommendations too, if you have a beloved indie brand – let me know!

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  • MaggieSimpleLife

    It is amazing! I just start getting into cruelty-free (maybe vegan too). I want to replace all my current products to new ones once I finish them. This is so helpful! I love Colourpop and just know about Glossier. I will check out the rest too! Thanks.

    • Stella

      Indie brands are a great place to start for cruelty free options! So many of them are also doing the vegan/vegetarian/gluten free thing too – it’s great! I hope you have a chance to check some of them out 🙂

  • Tigritsa

    I haven’t tried any of these! I know, hard to believe! I really want that MLP ColourPop palette! I love the colours and I only hear great things about their shadows. I also really want to try something from Glossier!

    • Stella

      Ahhh! They are all so good, I hope that you have an opportunity to try them – I actually ordered the Pony palette and am so excited! It is the first one that I have tried from them but their pressed shadows are very good and such a steal. Glossier is fabulous!

      • Tigritsa

        My main thing is that the products are a little harder to get and if there’s an issue, returns are annoying lol. With Sephora, I like that we can bring online orders back into the store. I hope I can get my hands on that MLP palette. My cousin wanted to go in on an order but she needs to wait for now so hopefully soon!

  • ayrgalaxy

    I would looove to buy some products from Melt Cosmetics and LimeCrime. I have tried a few of Colourpop’s products through my subscriptions but I’m think I’m ready to fully venture into their eyeshadows. And their palette Yes, Please is calling my name!!!

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