October Wishlist

So, I smashed my hand in the car door a couple of weeks ago – I have a commitment to doing this at least once every 6 months. Somehow, I try to toss my handbag over my shoulder with the same hand that is closing the door and I smash it. Usually I will just chip a nail or catch my fingers but this time my thumbnail split all the way down to the cuticle underneath the acrylic. I was supposed to wait for it to grow out so that I could have a fake nail put over it but I couldn’t wait – they were too long. I got them done and they are all shaped down to little nubs now 🙁 Oh well, I know that they’ll grow pretty quick.

I cannot believe how many gift sets brands are already releasing for the holidays! I feel as though the holiday season is starting earlier and earlier every year. I went to Michael’s yesterday and there were aisles of Halloween décor already being cleared and stocked with Christmas stuff – blasphemy! I have an ever growing wish list, I am not purchasing anything from Sephora until the VIB sale starts – limited editions be damned.

Melt Cosmetics just dropped these liquid lipstick kits and they look so gorgeous. The only reason that I am on the fence is because I have so many liquid lippies from so many different brands and aside from the doe foot – these aren’t screaming anything unique to me. I still want them.

MELTThis next item I am drawn to because it is so unique, Sigma’s Crème de Couture Palette. You get 16 pans of some of the most delectable shades that I have ever seen. I received an offer to pre-order this before the launch date but haven’t yet as some of the shadows aren’t supposed to be used near the eyes…? Some of the most gorgeous ones that of course I want all over my eyes, no less. Apparently, other brands have this warning on red/orange pressed pigments as well and it should be OK but I am still hesitating.


The Queen of Hearts is back and I need her in my collection. Coloured Raine recently made this 12 pan palette of majestic goodness a permanent part of their line and I am so excited about it! This palette was sold out for ages, the reviews are glowing, the shades look stunning and I just need it.


Apparently this is just a list of a bunch of eyeshadow palettes that I don’t need 😀 I feel like a jerk for putting this on here, I am not a fan of Jaclyn Hill and I feel that these collabs are for her fans and that I have no business buying it. I just think that the variety of the shades in this palette is perfect. It has pops of colour, all the neutrals that you could want and most of the reviews that I have read/watched have been decent. This is the 3rd or so restock and it is still available so maybe her fans snagged it already. Am I the only that feels like this about collabs?

HILLI am not generally one for gift sets but I like the mini Buxom glosses, they are just right the size to take in my bag and I actually finish them. Plus, the gold detail appeals to me more than the silver – how cute are these?


I have a few fashion items on my list, even though I hate shopping for clothes. This sweatshirt from H&M is so perfectly 80’s – I remember striving to knot t-shirts and sweatshirts as a kid and now they just come like this!

KNOT.PNGThis planetary, short-sleeved sweater from Zara is right up my alley.


As is this floral print dress, I love the mustard yellow flowers.


That’s it- what do you have your eye on this month? Thanks for stopping by <3


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