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Sample Saturday – Living Proof

Today’s sample came in my August Birchbox, it is the Living Proof Restore Mask Treatment. This was a great sample size and I was able to get 3 uses out of it, I have shoulder length hair. My hair isn’t particularly dry but it is coarse and wavy, and I use masks frequently to keep it from getting frizzy. Living Proof products are sulfate, paraben and silicon free and pretty expensive in my opinion. I have used a few of their products before and wasn’t blown away by their performance, there are more affordable brands that are formulated with very good ingredients. Anyway, this mask claims to reduce damage from styling by up to 95%, restores moisture levels to that of undamaged/healthy hair and protect from future damage. The recommended use is 1-2 times a week after shampooing, it only needs to be left on for 5 minutes and the site states that the results are the same if left on any longer.


I used the mask 3 times, over roughly 3 weeks time with my regular hair routine and it was OK – again, I wasn’t blown away. The brand recommends that you use this in tandem with the other Restore products which I did not do and perhaps this would have improved my results but who knows. It definitely conditioned my hair well and improved the texture but the results didn’t last very long, and were fairly minimal. This product didn’t seem any more or less potent than some of my regular conditioners – I was definitely expecting something more. It smells nice and was easy to use but there is no way that I would drop $42 on the full size tub (8 ounces) as I just didn’t see results.


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  • Noha ♡

    Don’t you just love samples for this very reason- I honestly feel like so many higher end products just don’t work and we just buy them cause of the hype, so I swear by deluxe samples, especially the Sephora beauty promos, to give a product a few tries. I was so close to buying this soon, so glad I read this! I tried out their No frizz oil recently and that actually was amazing- you should give it a try! Loved reading this xx

    • Stella

      I sure do! Comparing the ingredients to some of my cheaper masks, there’s nothing in it that would make it a miracle product and I just don’t feel that I should have to invest in the entire line for the product to be effective. I’d love ti check out more of the brand though, I’ll look for it. Thank you 😘

  • askashley330

    I just tried their shampoo today. I could already tell it wasn’t going to feel good so I didn’t even go to the conditioner. I rewashed with my regular shampoo and conditioner with that as well. I was actually excited to try this line but I’m glad it was a sample from Ulta. I’d never buy a full size either. Nothing special for the price!

    • Stella

      Agreed, I just don’t like how the products make my hair feel – there are tons of good hair care products out there for a fraction of the cost!

  • Tigritsa

    Totally agree that this product was only ok and that is was comparable to any regular old conditioner. Actually, many of my cheaper conditioners left my hair feeling a lot softer and healthier.

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