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Some October Empties!

Hands up if you binge-watched Stranger Things this weekend! Unpopular opinion, I am not a fan of El – I think that story line could have been written out, not sorry about it 😀 All of the rest of the kids are awesome, those haircuts – that’s art and the soundtrack is really fantastic. I don’t have a ton of empties, I feel like I say that every month but let’s get to it anyway!


Milani Make it Last Setting Spray – This is a great fixing spray, it is affordable, smells good and does prolong the wear of my makeup. That being said, it feels like hair spray on my face – the second ingredient is alcohol which is why it is so great at setting makeup but I did find it a bit drying for my skin. I would recommend for oily skin but this won’t be a repurchase for me.

The Ordinary Glycolic Acid Toning Solution – This is my go to toner for the evening, it keeps my skin incredibly smooth and glycolic acid is great for reducing texture which I always seem to struggle with. Again, super affordable, effective and I already repurchased!

Eva NYC Mane Magic 10-in-1 Primer – I love this stuff, it smells so good and makes my hair shiny and soft. I did need a lot of product when my hair was longer, I would go through a bottle a month so I would buy in bulk when it was on sale – I have like 6 back ups.


I am working hard to reduce my samples stash and didn’t do too bad – Skyn Iceland Glacial Face Wash – this is a really lovely face wash but nothing that I would spend 30 bucks on. I am not one to spend a ton of money on face wash because it just goes down the drain, I just need a mild wash that gets my skin clean but this was nice.

Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Eye – This is my favourite eye cream and I have a full-size on hand. I think this is probably the only eye cream that I have used that actually does something for the dryness and puffiness that I experience around my eyes. I don’t love the scent around my eyes but it dissipates fairly quickly once absorbed.

Avene Cleanance Mattifying Toner – I liked how this made my skin feel but the texture was really gross, it was like watered down milk and I couldn’t get over that. I am curious about the products in this line, they are dedicated to sensitive skin but this toner is a pass.

The only reason that I am including a stick of deodorant is so that I can report my miserable failure with switching to natural deodorant. I still haven’t found one that doesn’t feel like I am coating my underarms in Vaseline. Gag.


Reflexology Foot Massage – This stuff is fabulous and will always be a repurchase. It makes my feet so soft and fresh.

Pixi Skintreats Peel & Polish – This is one of the best enzyme peels that I have ever tried, I use it twice a week and it takes care of dry, flaky skin and keeps my complexion bright. Everyone must love it because it is always out of stock at Target, I haven’t been able to replace yet.

Tatcha Water Cream –  This is my third sample of this cream, I just cannot commit to it. It is nice, it wears really well under makeup but there is just something about it that I don’t love – I think it is the fragrance. I have another deluxe sample to use and then I am going to make the decision to purchase a jar or not.

That’s it – thank for stopping by <3



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