Trying On: The Loaded Bolds

If there is one product that I cannot resist at the drugstore, it is most definitely lipstick. The very first makeup item that I owned was a CoverGirl tinted, lipstick. I am using lipstick loosely, it was really like a balm and I cannot find the product on their site – they might not make it anymore! It had that drugstore lipstick scent that smells a little like crayons and something else that I can’t quite describe. The scent of drugstore lipstick takes me back to being 13, walking with my grandmother through the makeup aisles and picking out this bright pink, completely unflattering lipstick. Sure, there is something luxurious and sophisticated about a really expensive tube of lipstick but drugstore has my heart. Some of my favourite brands are on BOGO right now so you know that I went HAM on the fall releases. I don’t think that the Color Sensational Loaded Bolds are terribly new but they did have a couple of shades that I thought would be perfect for fall so I snagged them. There are 20 shades from deep plums to nudes and they are infused with honey nectar – interesting for Maybelline.

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I picked up Gone Griege and Raging Raisin from this line. That packaging is so obviously drugstore, I am not crazy about the blue plastic cap. I bought 8 or so lipsticks from Maybelline though from their different lines and I do appreciate that the caps are different colours so you know what line you are pulling from. Gone Griege is a gorgeous beige with a brown undertone but it doesn’t look too brown on me. Not too cool, not too warm – just a really nice, griege shade and I am into it. I wore it to work, sans lip liner and primer and it wore so nice – it doesn’t dry matte, it is very creamy but you do get a little bit of dry down that accentuates the rich brown tones. It faded gracefully, and I touched up a few times as I would with any other cream lipstick. I really enjoyed the texture of this, it is a little slippy but wears beautifully.




Raging Raisin is the perfect shade of raisin, it doesn’t have a good undertone for my chompers and I would probably whiten them if I wore this out and about. I hate whitening my teeth, I have really sensitive gums and I have to go the dentist to get it done and they still hurt like the dickens for days after. I still love this shade, it was way more opaque than Gone Griege and one swipe was more than enough. I just wore it to cook dinner, I love cooking dinner in really bold lipstick – I don’t know why, the BF doesn’t get it either. Is it so wrong to want to feel pretty while cooking dinner!? Sheesh 😛 I only wore it for a couple of hours and then ate but it also felt great – it did stain my lips a bit and I had to use a little oil to get the remainder off. That stresses me out a little, this might not be one that I would want to wear to work. I would end up getting it on my forehead and it would stain. My natural lighting decided to tap out on Raisin 🙁




With the BOGO discount, I paid roughly 5 bucks for each of these – not bad at all and I would pay full-price as I think that they are very lovely. The plastic tube is meh but the contents are dreamy.

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