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Wednesday Reveal – October Glambag

If I have one pet-peeve in the entire world, it’s being called a millennial. Personally, I think that 1982-2004 is ridiculously long for a generation. The Baby Boomer generation is only 18 years and Gen-X is only 14! I feel that there should be an additional generation for us younger people given the advances in technology. I still remember VHS, I owned cassette tapes, I used floppy discs, I experienced a classroom without computers – final draft would just be a cursive written document. And frankly, I have very little in common with people born in the late 90’s/00’s. The millennial thing really gets under my skin. I am not good with computers because I am a millennial, I apply myself – I have had to learn these things to keep up. I know who Bob Dylan is because I understand that there is an entire world outside of the scope of my existence. I read books, watch the news and documentaries, listen to the radio and stay curious. Shocking. Does this bother anyone else who has been randomly called a millennial, seemingly like it is an insult? Also, I love that this is thrown out by Baby Boomers and Gen-X’ers, so either you raised all of us entitled shit-heads or you didn’t…

Anyway, my October Ipsy arrived and I wasn’t that into it when I saw the reveal and have to say that the contents didn’t really grow on me either 🙁 I love the bag design, it is very Interview with the Vampire – it is a crimson red with lace detail. Here is what came in my bag:


Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Perversion – I feel as though I have received a black eye pencil in each of my bags this month. I wear black liner but it isn’t my go to, it can look bizarre with how fair my skin is. Also, I don’t love this formula – I only own a couple of these pencils but they are very skippy and tend to transfer so this will be a gift-away.

Cute Balms Lip Balm in Vanilla – This is lightweight, multi-purpose balm for lips, cuticles, hair – pretty much anything that needs some moisture. The tub is a little macaroon, it is very vanilla scented but doesn’t have a flavour as far as I can tell. I go through so much lip stuff, I will put this to good use.

tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes 4-in-1 mascara – This is a deluxe sample size, not bad – I do like this mascara. It is a vegan formula that is supposed to lengthen, curl, volumize and condition the lashes. I will use this up!


Hey Honey Trick and Treat Active Propolis Cream Concealer – This is hydrating under-eye concealer that is supposed to treat dark circles while covering them. It is formulated with Vitamin E, Amino Acids and nourishing oils. I am interested in trying this, I think that I received a balm from this brand before and used it up so I hope this is a winner too.

DOUCCE Freematic Highlighter in Solstice – I have something to say about highlighters. Over them. The beauty industry is so saturated with highlighter and I am over them, highlighter in person looks bizarre. It might look fabulous on HD cameras under studio lights but in person, pass. Just stop. I almost exclusively use highlighter as eye-shadow or I put it on under my blush but I don’t use it often. This is a champagne, gold shade that will make a lovely eye-shadow 😛


I had to darken the filter on these photos so that the lace would show up, it is way cuter is person! What did you get in your bag?

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