Yes, Please Palette First Impressions!

UPDATE: After struggling for the last 45 minutes to make this work – it’s a dud. This is a perfect example of why ya’ just cannot trust swatches. The shadows went on OK but there was quite a lot of fall out and kick-up, the shadows were actually fading while I was applying them – this has never happened! I primed one eye with Shape Tape and one with Primer Potion, both sides were patchy and muddy 🙁 Total bummer. I will give it another whirl with different brushes but it seems like a bust!

Yup – I m that person who finally gets something on the 100th restock and still has to talk about it. I know, I know – everyone has already talked about this palette and it is doubtful that I am going to say anything that you haven’t heard before but I am just so excited that I finally snagged the Yes, Please palette! I was randomly on time for their My Little Pony release and ended up hauling a couple of palettes and single shadows that have been out of stock. Colourpop shadows are some of my very favourites, they are smooth, pigmented and come in a wide array of shades and Yes, Please is no exception!


This is a 12 pan palette that offers a variety of matte and metallic shadows. Each pan is .85 grams, they are a touch smaller than the individual shadow pans that are 1.2 grams. The palette does not include a mirror but this isn’t an issue for me and retails for $18 – making it incredibly affordable. This palette is adorable and would be the perfect size for travelling, it includes enough of a variety of shades for several complete looks.


1015170926Now, I have only swatched these little beauties but they are on par with the full-size single pans. The metallic shadows are high-shine without being chunky and the mattes are smooth without any grit!  The standout shades for me are Mischief (matte yellow), Louie (metallic duochrome red with gold flip), Butter Cake (metallic pale gold) and Spoiled (matte brick red). All of the shades are stunning but these were the more unique additions to my eyeshadow collection. I would love to see them released as single pans. First impression is that I love it, the shadows are great quality and I cannot wait to create some looks!

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  • ayrgalaxy

    Noooooooooo lol. I really wanted to get this one too. It does suck that swatches can be so deceptive but of course, that NEVER relates to how they wear. Oh well…. I guess I’ll have to look into their pressed pigments, but if they’re the same as this then….probably not worth it 🙁

    • Stella

      It was so lame! I haven’t tried to use it again but have watched a few videos where someone else is using it and it looked like it was performing better. The matte shades are way, way more powdery than the single pans that I have purchased from them. I dunno, but I tried the metallic shades wet, which I never have to do with ColourPop and just managed in wiping the shadow underneath it off. It just did not work for me 🙁

      • ayrgalaxy

        I wonder if it’s the batch because that apparently happens often? I’ll have to look into reviews of it too. Kathleen Lights reviewed it and she compared it to the Natasha Denona one and said this one was a dupe, which is why I was wanting it. I don’t want to purchase it if it’s going to be a disappointment though… I’ll keep looking lol. The She palette looks gorgeous too.

        • Stella

          Yes!! Watching her video was one of the reasons that I wanted it too because I missed out on the Sunset palette. I also purchased the I Think I Love You palette and it performed so much better, I loved it. I am thinking that you are probably right and it was a bad batch or press – something is just off about it. I kinda’ want to take a gamble on another but I don’t know. The She palette does look really nice!

          • ayrgalaxy

            Probably. It sucks that you can’t really return it when the product doesn’t perform like the others. Like why should you be out $18 for a bad product, it’s not your fault lol.
            I’ll have to take a look at their site and see what other palettes they have. I think that’s where I’d like to start, instead of single pans.

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