Sephora Beauty Insider Event Wishlist


The Beauty Insider Invite is upon us and it looks as though Rouge gets two weekends this time around – or maybe that has always been the case but I am still excited about it! I feel like these sales are times that I purchase things that I would never purchase without a coupon. Of course I have a loves list a mile long but there are a few things that are definitely at the top.

The first and probably most painful item is the AmorePacific Moisture Bound Rejuvenating Creme – this stuff is amazing. I was skepticAMOREal the first time that I used it because it has a very potent scent and I was certain that it was going to break me out but it hasn’t plus it makes my skin look glowy and smooth. I have been hoarding samples of this every chance that I can get one, I think it’s time to take the leap.

I have to have this fragrance, I am obsessed with the Santal Carmin Perfume by Atelier – it is an interesting, unique fragrance and not like anything that I have smelled before. It is described as sweet, spicy and woody – it is perfect. This is an asinine amount of cash to spend on a perfume but it’s worth it.


These Touch in Sol Metallist Double-Ended Eyeshadows are a higher end version of a Revlon product that I really like but these have doe-foot applicators on both ends making it easier to get the glitter on. The Revlon ones have a dinky little brush and it’s harder to get an even application of glitter. Plus, these are already a steal at $40 for 6 tubes of shadow.


I haven’t gotten over my desire to own a Natasha Denona palette but I have gotten over their price tags. I know, I know – you get so much product and her shadows are made of unicorn horns and fairy dust. Not buying it but also, don’t judge me if I do. Anyway, I can get on board with these Chrome Crystal pots – they remind of some of the tarte pots that I own but more neutral so more appropriate for work.

PMAs much as I would love to own one of the Pat McGrath palettes, I just can’t. They are pieces of art and I wouldn’t want to sully them with my sub-par makeup skills. But I do want a tube of her lipstick, the packaging is glorious. I have my eyes on Full Panic, pretty much describes my life. This is a bright fuchsia, matte shade. It might be a more spring-appropriate shade but I think I could make it work for fall as well.

I think that’s it for the luxury stuff that I refuse to pay full-price for! We will see what I actually walk away with, I like to get some Christmas gifts during this sale too which I more excited for. Anyway, what’s on your list?

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8 thoughts

      1. Yeah I’ll probably splurge because I’m super picky with scents and I’m obsessed with this one. Luckily the other two items on my wish list are pretty cheap (the two new Colourpop palettes).

    1. Right!? I cannot even deal with how expensive they are, people rave about them but how much better could they be? Same, those are plenty spendy already!

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