First Impression Friday – New Hair!

This isn’t a real first impression because I got my hair cut last week but it is still new to me. A little back story, recently my stylist and I parted ways – the same stylist had been cutting my hair for almost 6 years. He worked at one of those spa-lon establishments, I was paying over $100 for a haircut (before tip) and usually not even a haircut, a trim at most. He was promoted to a master stylist in the last couple of years which was great for him but at that point the cost of my services went up and in my opinion, his customer service dipped. I am not a high-maintenance customer, so if I think the service is poor then it probably is. I cancelled my last appointment with him and took a chance on the salon at ULTA, call me crazy. It was a really fantastic experience, the gal who cut my hair had a pixie so I knew I could trust her to not give me a hack job. She was extremely friendly, personable and the service cost about half of what I was paying at the spa-lon! I definitely found my new stylist and will be trying out their other services as they have a whole host of beauty treatments that they provide in the salon. To the cut!

utum oo


utum oo


I am trying to showcase the asymmetrical aspect of the haircut, there’s quite a bit of side bang that can be flipped down to cover my tattoo during the day but my favourite thing to do when I get home is just push it back and off my face. I definitely had a lot more fun with the whole process of the cut this time, when I had it done the first time – it wasn’t a choice and since my hair was so matted it was clipped almost to the scalp which was traumatic. Also, since we all had such terrible scabies – my scalp was disgusting, this is probably TMI 😛 I loved just showing her a pic and watching it come to fruition. I balked a bit when she busted out the clippers but she only used them to trim some stray baby hairs 😀 I did it over the weekend and actually had a little bit of anxiety coming back to work because people were so rude the last time I cut my hair so drastically. I love the question reaction, Oh, you got your haircut. It looks nice? (To which my response should have been, I’d like to see your bitch ass spend 6 months in Africa, Sharon). I still got a couple of those but mostly people have been nice about it, nobody has to say anything but it’s fun that people are into it. What is even more fun is that I went from 45 minutes of blow dry time to my hair air drying while I do my makeup. Then just a little smoothing spray, a little pomade and done.

I like it, which is what is most important but also – it’s 2017, when can I stop covering my tattoos for work?

Thanks for stopping by ❤

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    1. Thank you 🙂 I have three little stars on the side of my face that you can’t see in this photo. It leaves quite the impression on people so I have to cover it for work. Mer, mer 😉

    1. Thanks so much!! Same here, then one day I was looking at their store ad and decided to give it a whirl. The experience definitely exceeded my expectations, she was the salon manager also a master stylist and very reasonable. Super impressed!

  1. I love your new hair! It really suits you. You have lovely hair for a cut like this. I cut my hair short and now, I have to wash my hair every second day and not once a week. Worth it though. My hair got wavy and flatters my square face. How do you blow dry for hair when it was longer? My hair is a few inches shorter than your long hair picture. How do I not turn into a frizz ball???

    1. Thank you!! I used a serum and spray on primer then sectioned it out and round-brushed each section on cool. That’s why it took so long but my hair is so wavy, it was the only way that it came out looking styled. Then I would define some of the waves on top with a flat iron, this also took care of frizzies. It was a process. Sounds cute, hope you like it!!

      1. I love it! Okay, so blow dry and then, flat iron. I think I can do this. It’s winter time, so I need to blow dry before bed and I usually look like a puff ball in the morning. I’ll have to get up a bit early on those nights and flat iron. My hair is so short that curling my whole head takes 15 to 20 minutes. So, flat ironing should take 10 to 15 or less. Thank you! I cannot wait to try it tonight and tomorrow morning!

      1. Hi Stella, This is Tonya from Uniwigs. My company has been in hair products for 20 years. We would like to know if you’re interested in our products, email me :

  2. i love it! pixie cut looks great on you girl!! 😀 the most i’ve ever trimmed my hair was…shoulder length? to me that’s extremely short because my hair has been down to my hips in the past lol. idk if i could ever pull of a pixie cut, my hair is pretty dry and frizzy, it’d be a mess!

    1. Awww – thank you!! I always had long hair too but the pixie is a lot of fun, it always surprises me how much I like it. Haha! I think you would be surprised, it is something to experience 🙂

      1. We’ll see. Perhaps I will try it in the future.
        I absolutely hate how hard it is to manage my hair. It’s currently a little bit below shoulder length, so hard to manage the frizz 😦 lol

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