Some November Empties!

I am posting my empties a little early this month because I only have a few days until Blogmas starts, yes, I have decided to go ahead and do them. I did snag a Charlotte Tilbury advent calendar, I will post Blogmas related content for 12 days and the advent calendar for the other 12 in an every other day rotation so stay tuned! Also, I am not posting favourites this month because I am really just trying to reduce my stash and slogging through even the stuff I hate – it’s been fun and I didn’t try a ton of new stuff this month because I was saving to treat myself on some Charlotte Tilbury and boy, did I. To the empties!


Burt’s Bees Rejuvenating Eye Masks – I purchased these on whim when I saw their new display at CVS – holy eye irritation. These are obviously drenched in essential oils, very heavily scented and irritated my eye area. Needless to say, these will not be a repurchase.

I use the Yes To Tomatoes charcoal wipes everyday and will be repurchasing, I will wait to purchase another package of the Almay Hydrating Towlettes, they weren’t really anything special.


TooFaced 3-in-1 Spray will not be a repurchase, it smells heavenly but it’s really sticky and I can feel it on my face, I also think it was causing some minor breakouts.

Michael Todd Blue Green Algae Toner, I already had a back-up of this toner, it is very effective and feels great. Of course I will be repurchasing the Mario Badescu Facial Spray – it comes in a bigger bottle now too!


These pixi Glow Peel Pads are really awesome, these are the ones that I chose not to repurchase and went with the Revitalift instead which I am kinda’ kicking myself over. The pur-lisse was a sample and for all of the amazing claims that it had, it was much like any other clay mask that I have tried – not worth for a full-size.


I already have another Cold Cream on hand and the tatcha Camellia Cleanser is a pass – it’s just an oil cleanser and way overpriced for what it is. I also found it to be much thinner than my favourite oil cleansers and I was probably using way too much so I blew through this bottle.


The tarte Lash Primer is definitely my favourite primer for lashes but I have two open tubes of other brands and will  not be repurchasing this one right away.


For being paraben, sulfate and dye-free, this shampoo smells incredibly artificial and will not be a repurchase. The LivingProof Mask Treatment was another sample, I didn’t find it to be anything special and wouldn’t purchase a full-size.


The same thing with this Blow Dry Accelerator, these products just stink and this one lingers all day since you are supposed to leave it on your hair. Unfortunately, I purchased this on BOGO and have an entire bottle to use up.

That’s it for empties this month, not terrible but no makeup in sight!

Thanks for stopping by ❤

21 thoughts

    1. Ohhh, that one looked so good too! I hope you enjoy it, I am so excited to start opening as well. This is the first beauty advent calendar that I have done!

  1. I will be saving money next year to get a beauty advent calendar. They are really pricey. You had a ton of empties this month! I’m not impressed with So Not Your Mother’s products either. I have the dry shampoo and it doesn’t work very well.

    1. They are so expensive! I got last year’s release of the Charlotte Tilbury calendar on Black Friday for 50% off. I was going to get this year’s but the products are virtually the same and I already felt bad spending that much money. I’m trying to get through products that I’ve had around too long. Yea, not impressed – I was expecting better.

      1. Lol. It is easy to be down on yourself for not finishing off enough, but you finished WAY MORE than you usually do. You are doing great! Ohh. Maybe next year, I’ll do it on Black Friday. I didn’t even think to check.

      2. Haha! Well thanks, I am sticking to it – I hate having stuff around that I don’t use. Me neither! I was on the site to get this year’s and then saw it was a Black Friday special – maybe that’s the time to look!

  2. A really positive empties post overall and sounds like you are awesome with buying your back-ups! 😉

    That’s a shame about the Burt’s Bees product…I am just finding out this week how many ‘natural brands’ actually have ingredients that are just irritable to the skin. You’d think they’d be nicer to use!

    1. It was a good month for finishing some product! I have a hard time trying something new when I know that I like something so I just get into a routine of having them around!

      I really struggle with essential oils, they can be very irritating. I have found out real quick that natural is not always better. It’s too bad!

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