Anti-Haul #8

Well, the Christmas decorations are 3/4 of the way up. I hauled out the tree and took a branch to the face and accepted that as a sign that it was too soon. It’s up but I’ll wait a couple of hours days  to garnish it. I have to admit that I am a little shopped out, I got all of the my Christmas shopping done today, happy to report that I survived MOA. With all of the sales going on, I just feel a bit overwhelmed and thought that I am in the perfect mood for an Anti-Haul! Here are a few things that I am compelled to pass on but if you need them – go for it 😛

Tartlette Toasted Eyeshadow Pallete – You know me, I love warm toned palettes but I think that tarte missed the boat here, what terrible timing to release this palette. I cannot think of a brand that doesn’t have a palette that looks almost identical to this. I am also not a huge fan of tarte shadows, they are too powdery for me.


Atelier Santal Carmin Pure Perfume – This probably looks familiar, and it should, it was just on my VIB Wishlist and I went to pick it up today – it has a leather cap. I don’t do leather, I know that I don’t use all cruelty free brands but this seemed totally pretentious and completely turned me off to the product. It irritated me, it still does – I mean, why?


Golden State of Mind Eyeshadow Palette – I also checked this palette out while I was shopping today and it is just boring. I wasn’t impressed with the swatches and just have no idea what I would do with this. Also, it is all metallic shadows and I own too many already!


Heavy Metals Metallic Eyeshadow Palette – Why is the mirror in the middle? It’s like Urban Decay knew that they were releasing another metallic palette and the only bit of creativity they had was to put the mirror in the middle, it makes no sense.


Sugar and Spice and All Things Nice Lipstick Trio – The Queen’s gotta’ quit. How is this brand still a thing? I think the colour-changing cosmetics fad has long since sailed. None of these actually change colour but their products are so lack luster that I assume that is their one claim to fame. I just can’t imagine that I would wear any of these shades either.


These products just aren’t doing it for me, I think that brands are getting lazier and once something is wildly successful, they just keep doing the same thing with slight twists over and over. Am I wrong to think this? Is anyone else feeling a little uninspired by brands lately?

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