Anti-Haul Holiday Edition

I am following the Black Friday fallout like a hawk, not to see any brawls over Cabbage Patch Dolls or the equally asinine hot toy this year but to see how many retailers forecast having made it into the black. I gotta’ say, it isn’t looking good. Economists claim that Amazon and Wal-Mart were the relevant players in the game and stores like Target, Nordstrom and JCPenney have all seen drops in stock. That’s good news for Modcloth who has been posting all over social media about their #blackfridaybreakup – their parent company cleaned up so they should feel good about sitting this one out. Hypocrites. I think it will be yet another tumultuous year for small and struggling retailers – especially for those who can’t shell out to keep up with the minimum wage and healthcare mandates. What better time to do an Anti-Haul, I ask you!? As always, these are just my opinions and if you want it, go for it!

I am anti-hauling Wal-Mart, I don’t need to shop there, I don’t really like shopping there, I can find everything they have elsewhere. So what if there is a little bit of an up-charge? So what if it’s less convenient? I’d rather give my money to a corporation that stands from something more, it doesn’t make me feel good shopping there – I don’t know what I am supporting. Moving from a small town to a metro area, I think I have forgotten about the small business owner because I simply don’t know who they are in the Twin Cities. I didn’t grow up with them, I don’t have that personal relationship, I didn’t feel like I was selling out by shopping at Wal-Mart but I am striving to get back to that mindset. I am a strong proponent of capitalism, it’s a testament to how shitty Wal-Mart makes me feel that I am even writing this. Now, I get that maybe Wal-Mart is the only option for others but it isn’t for me and I can support other businesses.

The first beauty items that I have are new palettes from TooFaced, the White Chocolate and Chocolate Gold Palettes. I purchased the mini version of the White Chocolate palette when it was released last year and the shades were so pastel, I never use it – I am seeing a lot of the same here and I think it would be wasted in my collection. The only pan that I am remotely interested in from Chocolate Gold is the giant pan of gold shadow and I have gold shadow. Also, why does the whole campaign make me think of Solid Gold? Do a mint chocolate and get back to me, although, that might just be more pastels. Last thought on this, can we stop infusing products with gold!! It’s a non-renewable resource!



The She’s in Parties Melt Cosmetics stack is just another collection of warm tones, maybe I would take a peek when I am done with some of my other warm tone shadows but not at this point. Also, I think the name is lame – is this is a reference that is lost on me? Furthermore, I was a little on the fence with the Hot Box Collection and the overall ad campaign, now they have released a pipe that is being sold on their website. Melt Cosmetics is like that older uncle that everyone has who smokes a lot of herb, WE GET IT. I just think it’s tacky.


What is this palette, Urban Decay!? The Troublemaker Eyeshadow Palette is bizarre – I just haven’t been loving much of what they have been releasing lately. The shade options in this palette is especially random in my opinion, I don’t think it’s very cohesive and I have no idea what I would do with it.


This next item I am including not because I don’t really like this formula but I wouldn’t wear the shades and I know it. I was about two seconds to checking out with this 10 piece collection of SugarPill liquid, matte lips but I stopped myself. These would be a total waste in my collection and they aren’t cheap! If you haven’t tried their formula though and would wear these shades, I can speak to how comfortable and long-wearing their liquid lipsticks are.


I have not watched a single review that has made the Jouer Cosmetics Essential High Coverage Creme Foundation look remotely nice. Even though beauty gurus who have tried the foundation have raved about it, their skin looks so cakey in the videos that I have watched. Also, $30 for .68 of an ounce is ridiculous and it doesn’t seem like you can use way less product even though it claims to be so high-coverage. All of the fair shades look chalky, pair that with a high-coverage formula and I think this would be a disaster product. Finally, just because you include essential in the name of the product does not make it so.


I won’t lie, these Lip Studio Python Metallic Lip Kits from Maybelline did catch my eye until I realized that they are basically a pan of lip pigment and a pan of metallic eyeshadow. Just use a lipstick and eyeshadow that you already have! Not like these would really be that much easier to take with you anyway, who were these designed for? I do like the concept but I can get the same effect at home without shelling out an additional 10 bucks!

I think that’s it for now – not like there aren’t 100’s of other products that have me wondering why but this is getting a little long. What products are you skipping?

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