Breaking the Habit – Foundation Mask

I will preface this post by saying that everyone should wear their foundation the way that they like it and if you like it, that is all that matters. I have been a huge fan of the Beauty Blender since I started wearing liquid foundation again almost 6 years ago. Up to that point, I could not apply liquid foundation to my liking and had switched to mineral foundation. Recently I was watching Pixiwoo because I am obsessed with their channel and one of the gals mentioned how subscribers will critique how she is using the Real Techniques sponge by swiping it instead of bouncing it to apply foundation. The fact that she developed the sponge aside, she further explained the stippling technique and that bouncing is going to give you a ton of coverage, basically like a mask. This completely described how I have been feeling about my foundation for awhile now, it completely cancels out any natural colouring in my complexion and looks like a mask. Now that I have a lot more fine lines, I want less product on my face and I want more of my natural complexion to peek through. Obviously, I knew why I loved the BB – I used to need a lot more coverage and this is the easiest tool to achieve that. I didn’t know where to start with switching to a brush so I picked up The Expert Face Brush by Real Techniques and a MODA Complexion brush. Both of these are dense flat brushes that are supposed to be ideal for blending liquid foundation.


My first thoughts were, streaky and this is exactly the reason that I stopped using brushes. I don’t know what I am doing wrong, if I am pressing too hard or moving the product too much. Honestly, how many different ways are there to put product on your face? I didn’t notice that I was using any more or less product with a brush, each one dispersed the product fairly well. I prefer the thin layer of foundation that the brush lays down, I didn’t have to excessively blend around my mouth or hairline where foundation likes to settle. The MODA brush is a lot stiffer than the Real Techniques one and did apply maybe a tad more streaky. Switching seemed so easy but there is a bit of a learning curve, I have been using a damp sponge to even out any rough bits but overall, I like the way my skin looks using the brushes. I don’t see a lot of product migrating to my smile lines or t-zone, the pink in my cheeks peeks through and can be enhanced with blusher. I think it’s a fresher more youthful look than how I had been wearing my foundation. The sponges are great to have on hand for smoothing any mistakes and applying concealer but  I am loving the brushes so far!


How about you, are you a BB purist or a fan of brushes?

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