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I am a huge fan ofĀ Stranger Things, I mean – who isn’t though? I feel like out of all of the characters, I relate most to Barb. Super nerdy, gets the shit end of the deal for seemingly no reason šŸ˜› We’ve got the ginger connection, so I decided to wear blue eye-shadow today, not quite as blown out and pastel as she wearsĀ but it’s a look. I mostly wear neutrals to work, I don’t love getting complements on my makeup, if that makes sense – but there is no pretending like bright blue eye-shadow is natural. I think that blue eye-shadow should make a comeback – who’s with me?

First, let’s just pretend that these are good photos – it has been dark here for like a week, I feel like I am living in Greenland. Second, let’s pretend that I didn’t go HAM on the recentĀ ColourPop sale. It is already extremely affordable makeup and I don’t understand why it is so much more enticing when it goes on sale but I couldn’t pass up the offer. Also, the palettes were not a part of the sale anyway so unsure of why I decided to get these. Anyway, I picked up 3 more of their smaller palettes, aside from the disappointment of theĀ Yes, Please palette – I think that these are really great quality at a more than reasonable price. For the palette part of myĀ ColourPop sale haul, I picked up theĀ You Had Me At Hello, SheĀ andĀ Element of Surprise palettes. I am including some images from theĀ ColourPopĀ site so that the actual shades can be seen,Ā mer, mer.


These are all 12 pan palettes that have a mix of matte, metallics and even a few duo-chromes. I will say that you get a ton of purples, pinks but this was my intention. I have been wanting to add more purples and pinks into my collection – I have so many bronzes, coppers, golds and browns that I just don’t need anymore. I have used each palette but not enough to have an opinion yet but so far, I have enjoyed the shades that I have used. One stand out shade for me that was actually a surprise wasĀ Duchess from theĀ She palette – it claims to be a matte, dusty coral but it went on like a hot pink on my eye. It worked out but definitely not what I was expecting. I have been skipping brushes entirely with the duo-chromes and metallics because I just know that I am going to get the best pigment and shine with pressing them into my lids. I don’t have a standout favourite yet but will be back with a review when I do! I love the soft, matte packaging that these palettes have, the pan sizes are great and one did come with a mirror – I could take or leave that but I know that it is an important aspect for some. The palettes without the mirror retail for $16 and theĀ You Had Me At Hello palette retails at $18 with the mirror included.

1116171915 (1).jpg

Silk Street, Oppulent andĀ Blank Canvas are not intended for the immediate eye because they contain the red dyes that are not FDA approved – I still use them on my eyes and nothing happened. Not saying that some won’t have sensitivity to this dye but I didn’t.


1116171914a (1)


1116171914 (1)


Like I said, when I use them more – I will be be back with a review and swatches but so far, I have been enjoying them!

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