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Currently Coveting – Beauty Advent Calendars

My favourite thing to watch nearing the holidays on YouTube is all of the beauty advent calendar un-boxings, I will literally just drink my morning coffee and binge watch un-boxings because this isn’t something that we do in the states. You will see chocolate or little toy ones but these beauty ones are on a whole other level. Sadly, most are already sold out because they were released in October which makes no sense. Who is thinking about advent calendars in October!? Well, the people who managed to snag them but I mean – who else? Honestly. Most of these are sold out or weren’t ever available in the US but a girl can drool.

Target 12 Days of Beauty – I will start with something affordable but has a lot of beauty products that I already use or would like to try. This one is sold out online but retailed at $15 and included what looks to be some skincare, makeup, hair care and accessories. You have a wide range of brands that are offered at Target, I love the variety with this one.


Origins Give Joy Super Set – This one is still available and retails for $70 which isn’t bad for 12 samples/deluxe samples from this brand. Apparently, one of the doors is an ornament, pfffft. Yes, it is all skincare and body care but Origins does have some really nice products, this calendar includes products from their GinZing and charcoal lines which I already know and love.


L’Occitane Luxury Advent Calendar – I am pretty certain that they always release a calendar for the holidays, it is available in the US and this is still available on their site for $124. This calendar includes some amazing products including quite a few items from their Shea Butter range which is my absolute fav. The packing on this one is also stunning and so festive, you get 24 pieces – I think this one looks like a fantastic value.

Dior Advent Calendar  – This one is definitely one of the pricier calendars but it’s Dior, you get 24 pieces for $425. Honestly, this would be like a whole Christmas for me 😛 They only give you a peek of some of the items but it does include some of their more iconic offerings. Look at that box, so Dior. This calendar is still available for purchase on their site.


LUSH 12 Days of Christmas – I think I am going for this one, I stopped at the MOA boutique assuming that their Christmas range was out but it wasn’t! I could just order it online but that’s not as fun as the in-store experience. This box retails for $114.95, and includes 12 of their holiday products including some seasonal favs like Golden Wonder and Shoot for the Stars. I need to get my LUSH holiday on, I might brave it this weekend.


Selfridges L’Oreal Luxe Beauty Advent Calendar – We don’t have this department store over here, mer, mer. This box includes 24 pieces from some of L’Oreal’s luxury brands including Kiehl’s, YSL, Lancome, Urban Decay – all for $141.38 given the current exchange rate. It doesn’t look like this one is available online any longer either, too bad because it looks amazing.


Estee Lauder Beauty Countdown – Are you kidding me with this!? I don’t get why we don’t have a selection of advent calendars in the states, I feel like they would be really popular but maybe they aren’t? This calendar included 25 pieces from various Estee Lauder brands and retailed at $147.27 which is not bad for all of these brands. Although, I have noticed that there is quite a hike in prices on these – it isn’t just a straight conversion.



Charlotte Tilbury Naughty & Nice Magic Box – This one is available on Beautylish and retails for $200 and includes 12 pieces. This is another one that seems like a really good value, I definitely want this one but yikes, is it spendy. As you can see, it includes skincare and makeup items – the box is really lovely too.



Kiehl’s Beauty Advent Calendar – Another Selfridges exclusive and it does appear to be sold out, straight conversion on this would have put it at $129.47 but I bet it would be bumped to $150 if it was available to purchase here. This includes 24 of their bestselling products, this would be a fantastic introduction to the brand or for anyone who uses these products and wants some travel sizes.



John Lewis Beauty Advent Calendar – Again, are you kidding me with these brands!? Apparently, this was available to American consumers online via Amazon but I missed it. This one included a range of 25 sample and full-size beauty items, it looks gorgeous.




Those are my top ones, I think that my picks will be the LUSH and Charlotte Tillbury calendars as those are pretty much the only ones that are available to me. There are loads of others including releases from Jo Malone, Benefit, Asos, Atelier Cologne, Marks & Spencer – this needs to be a thing in America! I know that Sephora, ULTA and Amazon did release one for 2017 but they don’t look nearly as amazing as these ones! If you have a hankering to see what all of the fuss is about,  Fleur DeForce and Eltoria have quite a few un-boxing videos up already.

I am sneaking in some snips of the Jo Malone one because it is just too gorgeous. This one went for over 300 bucks:



How about you, are you a fan of these calendars? Did you manage to snag one?

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