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And a little commentary on American Consumerism – ’tis the season! I have decided to not Black Friday shop at stores that have decided to open on Thanksgiving especially the ones that made such a big deal about closing last year so that people could spend time with their families – looking at you Macy’s. Was caring about your employees just a 2016 thing? Stores already open at 4 AM – I don’t understand that need to start shopping on Thanksgiving Day – why can’t we just have a break from consumerism? Or shop online. Don’t get me wrong, my first jobs were in retail and I loved working Black Friday – a group of us gals would get together after the family events and get wasted have a few glasses of wine, stay up until we had to be to work watching Christmas movies, throw on some red lipstick and hit the mall. It was a blast, I was also 21, that type of behavior would have me in my grave now but I loved my retail days. I just think it is a bummer for people with families who have to cut out early for work so that people can buy more things that they don’t need. So I am skipping some deals, tossing on my red lips and supporting stores that invest in the well-being of their employees.


This year’s lips will be Russian Red from MAC – a lovely ruby, red that I really like against my skin tone. This is only one of two MAC lippies that I have tried but I really like their formula. It is creamy but sets down fairly well and doesn’t slip or smear all day. I feel like this is a creme/matte in between finish, it’s very comfortable. It is also very opaque and I found it easy to apply – I really enjoy this formula.


If you are working this Thanksgiving/Black Friday – I hope that your shift goes quick and you can enjoy some of the day. If you are shopping, be respectful of store employees – don’t tear displays apart or chuck stuff on the floor. I’m that bitch that will tell you that you dropped something 😛


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  • sugarlacedgirls

    I’m right there with you on Black Friday. I much prefer Cyber Monday! Also, I find that a lot of stores continue to have really great sales after Black Friday anyway…without the crowd.

  • stashy

    It’s not Thanksgiving holidays for us here in Canada but we do have Black Friday offers. I’ve decided to take the day off to SHOP. But mainly for clothing and gifts for people. There’s not many enticing things in terms of beauty offers – I find they’re getting tiresome ever since the Black Friday sales have become a big event in the last few years.

    • Stella

      Yea, I have not seen too much that I am terribly interested in. I am mostly grabbing a few gifts and I like to grocery shop on Black Friday because literally nobody is grocery shopping 😀 Have fun!

  • maggieinthemoon

    Hey Stella!
    You absolutely nailed it when it comes to American consumerism and what it’s like to work in retail on Thanksgiving & Black Friday! In addition to being in a band and being a blogger, I work at a retail store and have seen the vapid reasons people shop on Black Friday first hand, and the frustration that goes along with it if you’re stuck working behind a register. I’m not knocking anyone’s shopping addiction! Believe me, I have one too, but Black Friday is pretty much a ploy to get a hold of your cash. Similar deals can be found throughout the year. Buy everyone simple things they actually need and call it a day. Also, buy local and support small businesses! Happy holidays and keep writing awesome posts!

    • Stella

      It’s ridiculous! I feel that people go out just because they feel like they have to buy something. I am all for getting a good deal but not to this extreme and I also love shopping!! Agreed, I prefer to gift things that people will like and actually need, not just something that I found on sale!! Happy holidays to you as well, thanks for reading <3

      • maggieinthemoon

        Exactly!!! Thank you for letting people know about other points of view besides the one behind the lens of mass consumerism and great post overall! I’m making the holidays about the people this year and less about the presents 🙂

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