I Think I Love You Palette Review

The sun came out for 2.3 seconds, I figured that I could get my blog photos for the week taken but alas. Today I have the I Think I Love You Palette from ColourPop, this a 12 pan palette that includes 8 metallic shadows and 4 mattes. This one didn’t seem as popular at their Yes, Please palette but I was drawn to it for the abundance of brown and bronze metallic shadows. Metallic shadows are my favourite to wear, I find them generally easy to work with and I know that this brand does a really nice metallic formula. That being said, I was hesitant to try it because the Yes, Please palette was such a disaster for me. I have tried to use it a few more times with varying degrees of success but definitely not my fav.


This palette is really lovely though, while it is mostly metallics, you get all of the mattes that you need for a transition, outer crease and the black matte shadow can be used under the metallics to deepen their tones. The mattes are smooth, a bit powdery but blend really well and the metallics are pigmented without a ton of fall out. I apply them with just my fingers and a little fixing spray, I wouldn’t recommend a brush unless you are just packing the product on but you will see more fallout. I love the variety of bronzes, browns and golds – there are endless combinations. I think this palette is going to be great for holiday party looks, it is just so sparkly and vibrant. Not to mention, it is a compact little palette that would make a great stocking stuffer. I was Christmas shopping this weekend, I am in the gift-giving mood 😛 The only shade that I could skip is the white matte, I just don’t use these and it seems like this has become a trend in palettes. I see a lot of gurus use them to set their eye primer but that doesn’t do anything for me and I think that these shades are a waste. Other than that, I have used and enjoyed all of the other pans.



This one is fantastic, definitely more what I would expect from the ColourPop brand and very affordable at $16. ColourPop is of course cruelty free and made in the USA!

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  • fortyflirtyfabulous

    Great review! I’ve been on the fence about this one because I have so many neutral palettes, but it swatches really nicely. I have the Yes, Please! I like it okay. I don’t wear a lot of orange eye shadow, so I’m not sure why I bought it, LOL! I just got She and am loving those shades. I think for the price point, these are really good quality.

    • Stella

      Thank you! It does have mostly neutrals but the metallic shadows really add pop to a boring shadow look ☺ I wear tons of oranges/reds but that palette just doesn’t do it for me. I’m glad that they are releasing palettes too, definitely a great value.

  • ayrgalaxy

    I was eyeing this palette too and decided I’m not buying it. I have A LOT of the shades in here. Sure the formula might be different, perhaps even better, but I don’t like having doubles in my collection, it feels like I’m wasting money lol.
    It looks really pretty though!

    • Stella

      It is totally dupable and in fact, I have quite a few Super Shock shadows in similar colours because I constantly buy coppers/golds/bronzes, etc. Still eyeing one of their pink/purple ones – I have way too many neutrals in my collection and it does feel like a waste of money!!

      • ayrgalaxy

        That’s the problem about palettes and having so many brands to choose from lol. I finally understand why some people say that some palettes seem redundant or are dupes to other high end ones. I definitely see it now. And is it just me, or are neutrals and warm toned shades trending right now? I feel like that’s all I’m seeing. The Too Faced Peach collection is one of those lol. I’d love to have a palette but they’re so pricey!

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