Ladies in Pink

ULTA is sending out coupons for $79.99 off of a Dyson hair dryer and I am like – It’s still a $400 dryer. Who is buying this!? It literally blows air, that’s all it does – how does it cost that much? You could literally purchase one of their vacuums for less money, which is their claim to fame and probably money better spent. I feel like brands are just seeing how far they can push us by releasing all of this crazy, unnecessary shit that nobody would need, ever. It’s really getting out of hand, they probably had to send the coupon on to sell some of the damn things!


L’Oreal was on BOGO not terribly long ago, I picked up a few more tubes of their celebrity inspired lippies. I don’t actually know the back story here, were they just inspired by ladies of Hollywood? Did the actual celebrities help to formulate the shades? Literally no idea and I have tried to find out, I am the Google Master and I cannot find anything specific outside of the ad campaign. Today, I have two pink shades from the line – Blake’s Pink and Julianne’s Pink – I could not find an un-opened tube of Eva’s Pink. Rant, I really wish that people would stop opening drugstore products, it is disgusting. Testers are not available because it is cheap makeup and you can return it if you don’t like it – stop doing it.


Julianne’s Pink is a very light, rose petal pink and is supposed to work for fair skin tones. Again, I thought that this would be a great shade for me but my lips are very pigmented and this one was just a touch sheer. It can be built up, the formula is very creamy and doesn’t settle in my lip lines. No lip liner necessary for a very fresh wash of pink.


Blake’s Pink is exactly the California cool girl pink that we have actually seen her wearing. I love Blake Lively, she is just so gorgeous and seems so gracious (seemingly). I remember her in Gossip Girl and just love everything she has done and watching her start and family and blah, blah, blah. Side note, why are we so obsessed with celebrities? Anyway, this is much more pigmented than Julianne’s and just one layer provides a beautiful pop of bright pink. This shade is definitely a lot more fun, it works with a neutral eye really well as it just dresses up and finishes off a look.


Both of these come in a stunning black case with gold detail – I really don’t think that these feel like drugstore. I bought these for $5.99 each, it looks like they have been discontinued on the site but they are in stock in stores (if you can find an un-opened one). I like them both, this is a fantastic, comfortable formula and very worth it!

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  • ayrgalaxy

    Wth, dyson makes hair dryers now? please…….nobody needs an expensive hair dryer….mine is ancient and was relatively cheap and it still works 10+ years later lmao (maybe it’s not the old, who knows? LOL)
    and idk who these girls are? lol, perhaps I have seen them before but I can’t put a face to the name lol.. i do like how pretty the shades are and how pretty the packaging looks.. 🙂 wouldn’t buy though since l’oreal isn’t cruelty free :/ i wish they were because they have a lot of products that I would love to try…. *looong sigh* lol

    • Stella

      Yup – they sure do. I feel like anything they make is just not needed outside of their vacuum. They are just random actresses, I don’t know how they were picked to do this campaign. I am sure there are dupes out there, L’Oreal owns pretty everything though so might still not be cruelty free!

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