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Sample Saturday – AmorePacific

AmorePacific is one of those brands that I find has some really fantastic products that are worth the price tag and then some products that are pretty average and over-priced. I received the Treatment Cleansing Foam in a deluxe-size sample and now that I have used the entire tube, I am categorizing this product as average. This product claims to be great for normal, oily and combination skin. It is supposed to remove makeup and impurities without stripping the skin and combat breakouts. The thing is, it isn’t really formulated with anything that has been proven to work miracles, the hype is all around the inclusion of red-ginseng and a host of antioxidants that aren’t really backed by much clinical data. Pair that with the cloying fragrance and $50 price tag, this was a huge miss for me! This brand is known for their heavily fragranced products and while I cannot claim to have a sensitivity to it, the fragrance of this face wash is on steroids. It was so overpowering that I couldn’t use it near my eyes. It does provide a luxurious, foamy lather but it isn’t effective at removing makeup – my face felt filmy and sticky if I used this product on its own. I found this product worked best as the second part of my double cleanse. It did make my skin feel soft and hydrated but not more so than any other face wash that I have used. Also, I didn’t notice any real difference in my skin – it didn’t bother my skin I just didn’t see a stark improvement.


Overall, I am not one to spend a ton of money on a product that is just going down the drain but especially so when the results were so average. I enjoy many products from the brand but I would not invest in a full-size of this face wash.

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