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What is so irresistible about luxury beauty? I feel as thought there has been an influx of these brands within the last 5-10 years, there has to be some aspect that is so appealing to consumers. I recall brands such as Estee Lauder, Lancome, Clarins, Guerlain and YSL being the must have luxe-brands and in comparison to some of these newer ones, the oldies seem downright affordable which is absurd. I understand the thrill of owning a really stunning bit of expensive makeup but not from these no-name brands that are flooding Sephora. I feel better about sinking cash on the brands who have a history of quality rather than say, oh, Tom Ford. Who the hell is Tom Ford and why does he think that anyone is shelling out 50 bucks for a lippie?! I mean, I know who he is but how do these brands get backing when they are brand new and have literally no reputation? I am also a hypocrite though because I got sucked in at the Tom Ford counter during the VIB sale and did purchase something. The BF (movie buff) literally asked – Tom Ford? He did that shitty Nocturnal Animals movie, what does he know about makeup? My point exactly. Anyway, we’ll talk about my hypocrisy when I post my VIB pick-ups.



I received a Tom Ford Lip Colour in the shade Indian Rose in the Play! All Star Edition box a couple of months ago. It is an exact replica of the full-size and has a nice weight to it even being so teenie. The packaging and aesthetic is completely on point and classy but we’re here for the formula. The first thing I noticed about this product is how soft it is, you get a lot of pigment with just a swipe but you also use a ton of product. One of the ingredients is murumuru butter which is great for rich, buttery skin creams but not something that I have seen in a lip colour. I prefer my lippies a tad stiffer because I am not great at applying lipstick and don’t want full pigment on first swipe. I also wouldn’t want to take a lip brush to this beauty either but I did get good results by using a stiff liner before application. It is very moisturizing but does have quite a lot of slip and didn’t set down for me – it transferred onto everything. The fade was mostly graceful, I didn’t see any bald patches but this is definitely not long-wearing which,  it does not claim to be. My issue with this is, if you are reapplying it numerous times during the day, you are blowing through a ton of product because of how soft it is. The shade is very much like a dozen other tubes that I own which is another issue that I have with these, there aren’t any shades that really impress me – I have seen them all before. Is it lovely? Absolutely. I did like it but I would need to love it for that price tag ($54) and I just didn’t. Maybe if I was just wearing it for a couple of hours on a special occasion, but I need my makeup to be a work horse and this lippie isn’t that.



What are your thoughts on luxury brands, are we just descending into madness? It’s like when TSA started making us take off our shoes and our response was, OK. Fifty-dollar lipstick *shrug* If you have tried something from this line and love it, let me know!

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  • alchemiin

    I can totally relate to the feeling of wanting luxury brand makeup. – a total sucker for YSL products speaking :’) – I guess for me it has something to do with treating myself to something special. I don’t usually buy those expensive products, so I will treat them with a lot of care and not waste them… Especially when those product are actually presents form someone else.
    Also because I rarely use them I feel more beautiful and confident when I do. You know, something along the lines of special makeup for a special occasion?
    BUT and here I totally share your opinion, if the product sucks, it sucks. Full stop. I would not buy a cheap product with bad quality. So who would assume that, if that is the case I would willingly spend a lot of money on something that is not worth it? Ugh. 😦
    I guess you can see from my comments length, but I really, really like your post! Keep up the good work ❤

    • Stella

      I think so too, there is something special about own sime luxury bits that only come out for special occasions. I guess what surprises me is that these brands seem to move enough of their product to stay in business! I just can’t imagine using these brands as a part of my everyday routine! It’s definitely a treat!

      Thanks for reading 😘

      • alchemiin

        Well it could be because some people just have the money to afford it. Now, don’t misunderstand me: If I was loaded I would totally buy brand products all the time 😉
        Well I guess they can be really high quality so that could be a reason to buy some too…

        Awww, no problem <3

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