Tamagotchi – The Return

90’s kids, rejoice, the Tamagotchi is back. The 20th Anniversary release includes 6, smaller replicas of the original Japanese characters and are quite possibly the best thing to come out of 2017. I have been scouring local toy stores and big-box stores since the release date and finally just broke down and reserved one online at Best Buy after not being able to locate one in-store. I have to say that I was a tad surprised that these sold out so fast as critics were saying that with all of the technology available to young kids now, these aren’t relevant anymore. So either, there were like thousands of 30-something-year-olds like myself buying them or the critics were wrong and there is still something charming about this little blob jiggling around on this completely outdated, 8 pixel screen. I think it’s the latter, as soon as the egg hatched I was just as enthralled as a 10 year old, feeding and cleaning up after Blobby (I never named mine, did anyone)?


These retail at $14.99 and people are already selling them for 3 times as much, don’t do it – it’s fun to own a piece of nostalgia but it would be silly to pay more than $14.99 for this. I have the fuchsia version and the pet is just a blob but the other colours did look like actual animals, sorta’. I didn’t get to choose mine and when I got to the store, they were sold out on the floor. I would love to get the orange one though, it looks like a little bug or something. In comparison to the original, it is much smaller, of course my hands are bigger but this is like a keychain charm – still adorable. It has three buttons, the functions are eat, poop and sleep – I seem to recall that the originals also needed to be entertained and rewarded/punished? Which as a kid was really odd to me, but the idea was to simulate a real pet. If you feed it too much, it will refuse the food and it does chirp when it’s hungry just like the original. It will also chirp if it is in a bad mood or is sick, I haven’t experienced this yet. My siblings and I would get into contests to see who could keep their’s alive the longest (the sad thing is that we had real pets) and mine always died overnight but this one just went to sleep at about 10 PM and stayed that way until almost 9 this morning. I don’t know if they all do that but much lower-maintenance than the 90’s version. Mine also hasn’t morphed into anything, as I recall, they used to mature and change appearance but we will see if that happens.


Thinking back on it now, the first virtual reality really wasn’t that cutting edge – we had Nintendo and Gameboy and an actual VCR in our home (it was pretty amazing at the time) but even with all of the advances in technology, there is something endearing about these little gadgets. I cannot explain what it is, maybe just the nostalgia for me but I think kids today would still get a thrill out of them. I am delighted that I was able to snag one and think that they would make a fun stocking stuffer 🙂


UPDATE – He did morphe from the little blob above, now it is a little dino! I am still not changing his name from Blobby, I don’t know how long he will survive 😛


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