Top 5 Mascaras, Currently

I say currently because I am always keen to try new mascara. I love mascara, it is probably my most purchased beauty product after blusher. It is most definitely the only bit of makeup that I must have on if I am in a rush out the door. I love phat, voluminous, chunky (not clumpy) lashes. Sadly, mascara is the one beauty product that I tend to be allergic to and I am restricted to a few of the same brands. Luckily, most brands have several formulas to choose from so that I can feed my mascara addiction.

To start, I have Dior Show in standard black, it surprises me that this formula does not irritate my eyes because it does have a fragrance to it. Good thing too because everything about this mascara is perfect, from the blackest black formula to the fluffy, tapered wand. The oversized wand is perfect for building volume and it does a fantastic job at separating each of my lashes. It doesn’t clump, it doesn’t smudge, it doesn’t flake – it just gives you perfect lashes.


I use a lot of tarte mascaras as they have never irritated my eyes, my favourite mascara from them has to be the Lights, Camera, Lashes 4-in-1 Mascara. This formula is also very black, easy to build and wears well. This has a tapered conical wand that lets me get really into the corners of my lashes and is small enough that I can use this on my lower lashes. This is an easy product to build and I can pinpoint areas where I want more volume with the smaller wand.


My favourite mascara cocktail as of late are actually two mascaras from tarte that I don’t like on their own – Maneater and tarteist lash paint. Both formulas are a gorgeous, inky black but worn alone just make my lashes look too natural. The Lash Paint has a long wand with short, spiky bristles for darkening and lengthening. I don’t really need length though, and that is where Maneater comes in – also with spiky bristles but the wand shape helps to separate each lash so that I can build volume. I will do about 3 coats of each to get my perfect lash look. Both formulas wear well and also don’t flake or smudge.



Finally, ah, my favourite mascara that I am allergic to. This was actually the very first mascara that I ever purchased the first time that I shopped at Sephora. #memories. Buxom is everything that Better Than Sex wants to be and I don’t know why it doesn’t get talked about nearly as much! It has a full bodied, hourglass wand that coats and separates each lash while also giving crazy volume. This is the best mascara I have ever tried but if I wear it for more than a few hours, I am paying for it with red, watery eyes for the next week. I only keep a sample-size on hand now days but I always have it in my cabinet.


I don’t currently have a favourite drugstore mascara but also haven’t really looked. If I had to pick one that I used to use all of the time but don’t currently own, it’s that Rimmel mascara in the hot pink tube – you know the one πŸ˜› That was an OG fav of mine when I first started wearing makeup, I should pick one up and see if it is as good as I recall.

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