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Wednesday Reveal – November Glambag

Real talk, have you ever found out that someone is a church-goer and it made you think less of them? Not because I am anti-church, or anti-faith or anything but because the person is just such an asshole that you cannot fathom how they could possibly go and sit in church every Sunday and be the way that they are!? I was made privy to this information about someone recently and I wanted to just stop everything and ask them, So – you just choose to be a condescending, elitist, snotty prig and then you go to church? What church do you go to?! The Church of Latter Day Assholes?! I got so irrationally annoyed over this but seriously – going to church is the easy part, that’s a participation grade, it’s what you do outside of church that counts. I just cannot stand it when people go to church to perpetuate an image and I just think they need to be called out on it. Now every time that I see this person I just get so irritated and I am terrible at controlling my facial expressions so I can only imagine that they are definitely picking up on my total and utter disdain. I just want to slap their coffee out of their hands, I don’t think I have ever seen them with coffee but you get the idea.


Let’s get to the real point of this post, shall we? My November Ipsy arrived and what a bust! To start, I received the blue bag and I wanted the yellow one – first world problems and I do like the overall structure and textures of the bag so I’ll get over it. I think that the theme this month was All You and per usual, the products have nothing to do with anything.

Amazonian Clay Blush in Some Pink Shade – I do not like this blush formula, I might be the only person who doesn’t but I stand by that opinion. It is a very stiff formula and I just don’t get the pigment and colour pay off that I want from a blush. This formula also doesn’t last on me, I hate it when I get home and I look pale. This will be a gift-away!

ColourPop Ultra-Satin Lip in Calypso – Also not a fan of the satin formula from ColourPop, It is very dry for a satin product, I would rather just go whole hog and wear a matte lippie. This colour is also too brown for my skin tone, this will be another gift-away and it’s a full-size product so that’s a win.

Crown Small Chisel Brush – I think this would make a really nice blusher brush, it’s just a plain ol’ brush as far as design but the bristles are really soft.

Naked Cosmetics Pigment in Mother Nature – Ipsy keeps trying to make me like this brand but I just can’t! This is at least the 3rd powder/pigment pot that I have received from this brand. They just don’t have a lot of pigment or shine and are messy to work with. This one does look like one of my favourite pans of shadow from the Manny MUA x Makeup Geek palette and I will try it out to see if gives the same green with red reflect effect.

SKYN Iceland Berry Lip Fix – I have tried a couple of products from this brand that I have really enjoyed. I hate berry lip stuff though, This product claims to be vegan, all-natural and formulated with red algae. Again, with the algae.

Overall, kinda’ disappointed but as I always say, it’s only 10 bucks. I hope they do something festive for the December bag – not too festive, like gold or something shimmery. That isn’t too much to ask…?

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  • Kasie D

    Girl, I totally agree! I was an avid churchgoer for the longest time. Now I rarely visit church, its for many reasons, but one being I don’t think I need to go to church to show how good of a person I am. I want to be a good person because I want to be, not because I have some figure or some church holding it over me. It’s like school. The participation grade doesn’t really show how smart you are. I probably didn’t go to more than 1/3 of my science classes, but I passed every assignment and test with 100%.

    • Stella

      Yes!! Right?! We are presented with so many opportunities to be good people everyday and some people fail miserably but figure it’s OK because they’ll go to church. It’s just so sad and hypocritical, drives me nuts. Exactly, everyone has the ability to choose being a good person and that means so much more. Glad I’m not the only, it is so irritating! Thanks for reading 😘

  • Britney

    It is the worst when you are left feeling disappointed. 🙁 I’ve been that way with ipsy recently too. They also sent me the blue bag and I wanted the gold/brown.

    • Stella

      Agreed! I subscribed because I kept seeing so many great bags but I haven’t had a really great bag. Yes! The yellow color combo just looked so much more unique. Kind of a bummer…

  • ayrgalaxy

    I agree..some people who attend church are the worst I’ve ever met. Although, my godmother’s family attends church and they’re really kind people. But yeah, people who go to church should reflect those morals and what not.
    Anyway, I’m sorry that you didn’t like this month’s bag. I was actually quite impressed with the tarte blush and the colourpop satin lipstick, I have never tried them before. I do think that the naked cosmetics pigment is pretty messy, it got everywhere when i was photographing it lol.
    Hopefully this month’s bag is better for you 🙂

    • Stella

      I know some genuinely great people who go to church too, it’s just those bad apples that bother me!

      I’m probably the only person I know who doesn’t like those two products! Everyone raves about them, the blush is just too subtle for me. I’m curious to see how well they round out the year, this next month’s bag will definitely be a deciding factor in whether or not I keep subscribing in 2018!!

  • starringpamela

    Yes!!! That has happened to me soooo much! I’m not religious myself so I try not to judge people who are in general but when it’s the kind of person you describe I can’t help it. And more often then not it is!

    • Stella

      My grandma used to say that, ‘A little church never hurt anybody.’ And I definitely agree with that, but to make it known that you attend to church is a whole other thing to me – I think it’s crass like talking about how much money you make to people who don’t need to know. It especially irritates me when that person is such a terrible person at work! Honestly, I agree – it tends to be this way!

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