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Wednesday Reveal – October Nylon

Confession, I think that the Christmas tree is going up this weekend. I don’t why I am just in the holiday spirit and I could really take or leave Thanksgiving. I always thought that Thanksgiving was just a PR stunt, I mean, it is a nice story but does anyone really think that is the way it went down? It is fascinating to me that this random, 3-day feast with no religious overtones has stood the test of time for almost 400 years. The celebration of the harvest always seemed a bit Pagan for the Puritan pilgrims but anyway, I don’t love Thanksgiving. I am that odd person who will randomly make a turkey dinner because I had a craving but that’s about it. If you do turkey dinner in the off-season, the supermarket is never out of sweet potatoes or rolls (pro-tip).

The October Nylon box was another beautifully curated box of quirk. This is a fairly new monthly sub-service, it costs $19.99/month and includes 6 products of beauty, body, accessories, etc. Here are the goods:


Venus in Leo Rosemary Grapefruit Deodarant Balm – Apparently this is from an Etsy shop which is pretty cool that Nylon chose to include them. I am still on the fence when it comes to deodorant paste, I just don’t love the way that it feels. This smells really nice, it isn’t very balm-y, it has grit to it but otherwise nice consistency.


Linne Botanicals Smooth Body Balm – I love the natural them they have going on with this box. This reminds me of a balm that we used on our cows’ udders, I think it was made for people (we used it on people) and it was just a multi-purpose balm for dry/damaged skin. This smells very medicinal, it is formulated with avocado, bees-wax and rosemary. I will test it out when my hands get super dry which will be by the end of this month I imagine.

Milky Dress Bomb Pack – I love getting sheet masks because I don’t tend to seek them out on my own. This is a bubble-pack sheet mask? I am looking forward to trying this!


Neon Beauty Opus Express – This is on of those silicone brush cleansers, I am partial to the regular bristle face brushes but my current one isn’t holding a charge which is super annoying – I do have a Foreo but I just don’t know if these silicone bristles penetrate the pores or not. I decided to test this one out and the bristles feel surprisingly soft in comparison to the Foreo which is my beef with that one – it kind of pulls my skin. This one has 3 settings, it feels very nice and I will keep using it to see if my skin likes it.


Tarte Tarteist Pure Glow in Stunner – Yay, more liquid highlight that I am never going to use. Plot twist, I tried to use it and patched up my foundation – I dotted it on and blended it with my foundation, it was a mess. It is a really lovely champagne shade, maybe I can make it work as a creme shadow topper?


Inked by Dani Hand-Drawn Temporary Tattoos – I don’t know if it is age appropriate for me to wear press on tattoos but I’ll take that unicorn design in a real one 😛


Vinca Chef’s Knife Earrings – I wore these and kept calling them cleavers but apparently, a cleaver is that big rectangular knife and these are just regular kitchen ones. Fine. Also, I wore them as lapel pens as I don’t have ears pierced and they were super cute.


I love this box because of the wide variety of items, you get a little taste of everything. The box value well exceeds the 19.99 subscription fee and I can’t wait to see what they do next!

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