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Wednesday Reveal – Play! The Beauty Remedy Edition

I hate the feeling after a holiday is over of total deflation – after Christmas is the absolute worst even though I do milk the holidays until my birthday. Everything seems so bland and ordinary, I also don’t decorate for the in between time from Halloween to Christmas so my apartment is super dreary looking. Such first world problems, wah-wah.


I was literally just saying that I was hoping that Sephora would release more limited edition, luxury Play! bags and they recently launched the Beauty Remedy Edition, there were two options to choose from, each box included 6 samples from top brands with a mix of makeup and skincare. I received the wrong one and it is funny, Sephora has now altered the description of the contents so that they are the same. Edition II originally listed a YSL makeup item and an AmorePacific skincare item – so I am a little bummed and think it’s shady that they changed the info so that it appears as though they did not send the wrong boxes. Anyway, I still got some pretty good stuff and I love the hard-sided clutch everything came in – this will be fantastic for travel!


Tatcha Silk Cream – This is a really decent-sized sample, I thought it would be similar to a 100 Point Reward but it’s definitely deluxe. I have been sampling some Tatcha products and will gladly give this a whirl. This claims to be a gel-cream, lightweight moisturizer for all skin types. It claims to be good for fine lines, wrinkles, dryness and loss of firmness – it has that lemon-y scent that keeps putting me off purchasing the Water Cream but it isn’t terrible. The full-size (1.7 ounces) retails for $120, which is steep for me.


La Mer The Moisturizing Soft Cream – I have absolutely no desire to try this brand, I don’t need status symbol skincare. But, my gal pal has been wanting to try it and I promised her this. Also a very good size sample, this comes in a few sizes and costs anywhere from $85-315 – I hope she hates it 😛


Ski – II RNA Eye Cream – This is supposed to be a potent anti-aging eye cream to combat dryness, wrinkles and improve firmness. I am in love with the essence from this brand and am excited to see if this is as good. The full-size (.4 ounces) retails at $135!


Giorgio Armani Beauty Rouge Ecstasy Lipcolor in 400 – This is a fire-engine red and I am into it, I have not even swatched it yet because it is so lovely. The full-size retails at $38 which is fairly standard for a luxury lipstick, I am not certain that I have ever tried a makeup item from this brand!


Givenchy Le Rouge Perfect Pink Lip Balm – This is one of my favourite brands and I have been wanting to try this product but $36 seems steep for a lip balm. This claims to plump, moisturize and boost your lip colour. It feels really nice and is very moisturizing, I might need the big one.


Atelier Cologne in Santal Carmin Giorgio – This is a gorgeous scent, it is so interesting – I couldn’t stop smelling it after I put it one because I was trying to detect all of the notes. It has some of my favourites though including; sandalwood, vanilla and cedarwood. It only comes in the 3.3 ounce bottle that retails for $250. Why do I try these boxes just to be tempted by things that I cannot purchase with good conscience 😀

These luxury boxes retail for $20 each and honestly, I think that Sephora should offer this as a subscription service. I would definitely pay the up-charge to try a selection of fabulous brands. I think that they should stick to one edition though, it seems like a ton of people received the wrong box. I still loved most of it and will enjoy trying these products out!

Thanks for stopping by <3


  • Eal

    how big is the pink box? like dimensions, it seems pretty large. I’d love to hear your thoughts on it also. I’m a sucker for bags and things.

  • hoiyinli

    That is a really good travel clutch! And despite the change around of products, I actually think this was certainly a deluxe and generous sample box. I’ve never tried La Mer or Tatcha but doubt I will ever come around to trying them, for reasons that do not need explaining… :p Would love to try SK II in the future though.

    • Stella

      Yea, they did a nice job but still not what I ordered! I hope they keep doing these though, they have been great experiences otherwise with a nice selection of brands! Or, like I mentioned – make this a subscription option in addition to their standard Play! I think that would well worth it!

    • Stella

      I wish they would make these luxe boxes a monthly subscription option. They include some good stuff! Tatcha is one of my fav brands to sample 🙂

  • starringpamela

    I tried to get this box but when I went online it was already sold out. That’s too bad you got the wrong box! I agree that they should just offer this as a subscription too.

    • Stella

      Judging by how fast these sell out, it would probably be hugely popular! Yea, the idea of 2 editions was interesting but poor delivery. Oh well!

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