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What’s In My Bag?

I enjoy reading these posts but don’t think that I have ever done one before…? If I did, I don’t recall – these are my essential beauty products, most of these items are used daily and this is the bag that I know I can just grab and go with if I am in a hurry. My doughnut bag is  by Dabney Lee, I purchased it at Target, it reminded me of The Simpsons so I had to have it.


If I could pick two skincare items for the rest of my life, they would be the Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Eye and Ultra and Ultra Facial Moisturizer. They are dependable products and perfect for everyday use, I don’t like to have a ton of skincare filling up my bag and these are perfect for on the go.


I have a couple of lip prep options, my favourite is Vaseline because I can wear this under lip colour and it doesn’t impact the wear. Balm Dotcom is pretty much great for everything, it is a multi-purpose balm that can be used most anywhere.


A few more skin prep items, I have my primer choice as of late – MAC Strobe Cream, this is a sample that I received and it’s great for dry skin. I have two PUR products, the pink one is an eye balm for more hydration and the white one is a mattifying stick that can be used to target shiny areas.


For actual complexion items, I have Shape Tape in way too many shades. I had a tough time finding my shade when this came out, hence why I have 3 tubes. NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer is still the best for under-eyes in my opinion and this is much easier to touch up with since the wand is so small.


I have a tube of the Infallible Pro-Glow and Pro-Matte, I have been mixing these two for a demi-matte finish. I like that these tubes are in a slim plastic tube and super easy to travel with. The Milk Blur setting spray isn’t my favourite but it is small and gets the job done when I need to revive my foundation. The spritzer is really nice on this bottle, I think that I will wash it and fill it with another spray when this is finished.


For setting powders, I have Dermablend as well as UD powder foundation to kick off my setting powder and to touch up during the day. The UD isn’t my favourite powder foundation, I bought a few too many of these on sale but have started noticing how crepe-y it can make my skin look. This is the last one to finish off before I can try a new powder foundation, look at that glorious pan.


I have two eye primers, the Maybelline Master Prime is great for brightening the eyelid before putting shadow on, it just has a hint of pigment. The UD Anti-Aging primer works really well for metallic and glitter shadows, it is sticky and lasts all day. The Mascara Melt Off is in my bag to clean up any mascara smudges and it can be used to take off a liquid lip if I want to change my lips.


I don’t carry a lot of eyeshadow with me, it isn’t something that I find myself needing to do anything with during the day. I have a pot of gel liner and one of crème shadow from Beauty Bakerie in my bag if needed.


I do have my favourite mascara and a lash primer just in case, usually for if I take off my lashes because I am going somewhere that doesn’t require them 😛


I have a few of my favourite Melt liners, a brow gel and pencil sharpener. This Essence pencil sharpener cost 99 cents, it is amazing.


And because you just never know when you are going to need a little more blusher, a couple of my go to Wet ‘n Wild cheek colours!


That’s what I keep in my bag for a quick face on the go! I don’t have one particular palette that is easy to take with me, the Chocolate Bar palette comes to mind or the original UD Naked – I need more quads for travel. Anyway, thanks for stopping by <3



  • stashy

    YES on the Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Eye! No one talks about it and it’s my HG eye cream! I’ve not tried the Ultra Facial Moisturizer, only the Cream version in the jar which I liked very much!
    I keep forgetting to use my tube of MAC Strobe Cream – I really like the effect especially during the coolers months.
    I’ve heard good things about the Maybelline Master Prime – do you have oily lids? I’m thinking of giving it a whirl.
    The donut bag is adorable, by the way! 😀
    So do you take this makeup bag with you on a daily basis? I’m so basic because all I take is a blotting powder, concealer and whatever lipstick I’m wearing that day!

    • Stella

      I don’t know why more people aren’t talking about it, it is so great! I also like the jar of cream, this one is just tackier and a but lighter so it doesn’t break my skin out if I want to use it everyday.
      I really like it, I am on the fence with purchasing a big one because I swore that I was not getting into MAC, I wish it sucked. I do have oily eyelids, the Maybelline works really well and if I recall, there are 3 finishes to choose from? Yup, this bag comes with my everyday and I chuck in a lipstick and sometimes a palette if I am going to the gym before work and am going to get ready there. It seems like a lot but I just never know what I am getting into over the course of the day 🙂

  • hoiyinli

    The only thing that I’ve tried from Kiehl’s is their Creamy Avocado Eye Cream (I think that’s the name…) and I did really like it but it’s been a few years since anything else. I’ve been meaning to try out their ultra moisturiser but there’s always some other moisturiser that gets in the way lol. 2018 will be the year to try out more Kiehl’s!
    So cute that your makeup bag reminds you of The Simpsons. I think it’s nice to keep little quirks like that with you to brighten up your day.
    Which of the MAC strobe creams do you have, since I think there are many different ones?

    • Stella

      I haven’t tried that one! I think Kiehl’s flies a little under the radar in comparison to other brands but they make some really great products. Definitely recommend, I’m pretty certain I’ve never tried something that bothered my skin.
      The Strobe cream is just the white one…? It doesn’t say on the tube but it’s a pearly shade, very pretty. It’s a cute, little bag – very sunny ☺

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