Winter NOTD

The BF had to work this morning so I slept in and binge watched Northern Exposure for a few hours. We did go out for a bit but I did most of my holiday shopping online and we are going out for Small Business Saturday! I think that the best Black Friday deal that I took advantage of today was my cats’ dry kibble that was on BOGO – serious savings, people and this Christmas catnip pickle. Oh, and the cashier at Starbucks didn’t charge me for my two extra shots of espresso this morning – it was a good day all around. At some point I found myself in Home Goods and Ladies’ Night was playing, it was really bizarre and I think that all of the ladies should get a petition together to have that song banned. How was that even a popular song?! Also, singles out there looking for ladies – go to Home Goods on a Friday morning and put out the vibe! Anyway, I wrapped some gifts and finished putting out my holiday decor, I love wrapping gifts, I will wrap anything at any time. It was 53 degrees out today, it was disgusting – I hope we get some snow before Christmas. Somehow it doesn’t feel right getting a winter-y manicure but I went for it anyway.


What did you get up to today, snag anything good?

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  • hoiyinli

    I started wrapping some gifts the other day! Will do the same today or tomorrow. Hilarious – your comment about that song Ladies’ Night. I guess it was a trend when disco fever was the thing back in the day, hahaha. 😂💃🏻

    • Stella

      It’s so much fun! Disco, what a terrible genre 😂 I’m always surprised that some of the worst songs stood the test of time. Play some Donna Summer!

  • Selena Hannah

    I need to paint mine and I have similar colors to yours. Not gonna lie, I might paint my nails the same way tonight. I online shopped at Wal-Mart and snagged a 299 desk for 85 and bought a cube bookcase that was 20 dollars off. I also bought two packs of sequined fabric cubes to go in 4 of the 8 cube spaces. I also shopped Bath and Body works to get that Black Friday tote.

    • Stella

      Nice! Fresh nails are always fun. Those are some deals! I didn’t know that Bath and Body was doing anything, oh well! Sounds like some good picks 🎅

  • ayrgalaxy

    That’s such a pretty color! I really would love to do my nails but….I can’t wait that long for them to try, I’m constantly using my hands for everything and changing my son’s diapers, cleaning, constantly washing my hands LOL

    • Stella

      Thanks! I have to get them done, I can’t sit for them to dry either and I chip up regular polish almost immediately. The gel typically lasts me about 3 weeks but I still chip it up!

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