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Winter Skin Saviors

Winter came, it’s here – you know how I know? I am in a full-body itch and it’s as gross as it sounds. Winter is my favourite season but it is murder on my sensitive skin, everything itches. I hate it, I don’t even want to put clothing on which isn’t conducive with having a job or needing to leave my apartment. Au revoir, feather light body souffles and luxurious shower gels of summer, it’s time for the A-Team.


I believe that moisturizing should start in the shower and I have tried numerous in-shower body moisturizers but aside from Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner, I haven’t found one that makes a difference. I use a plain ol’ Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Bar. I know that bar soap can be more drying than gels or shower creams but this one is very nourishing. It is a soap-free product that leaves the skin feeling soft but not sticky. It is fragrance-free but it does have an odor, it doesn’t smell bad but it reminds me of when I worked at an assisted living home but it’s worth it for itch-free skin.

I follow up with a good slathering of Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream – this cream is great because it is very moisturizing but it absorbs quickly. The claim is that this formula binds water to the skin and creates a moisture-barrier, this provides the longest lasting moisture and soothes itchiness – it’s fantastic. It doesn’t smell like anything which is also a bonus. Cetaphil released a couple of new facial moisturizers that I would like to try, I will admit that I have put this on my face around my mouth where my skin get super dry and it works but I wouldn’t apply it all over my face.


For face care, I switch out my oil cleansers for Pond’s Cold Cream for the first step in my double cleanse. This product instantly dissolves all my makeup and leaves my skin feeling hydrated and supple. It’s a classic, I have used it for years.

For face cream, Vanicream is the only heavy moisturizer that wears well under makeup and doesn’t clog my pores. This is just a simple moisturizer that gets the job done, it definitely puts some spendier face products to shame too.This has a faint oatmeal scent to it and again, it feels like it will be super heavy and it does pack a lot of moisture but it is surprisingly light-weight.

I am a sucker for luxurious skincare but sometimes it’s necessary to go back to the oldie, goldies. Most of these products I have used since I was a kid and they never disappoint.

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  • Nova

    I’m really liking the Cerave hydrating cleanser lately! It’s definitely helped hydrate my skin sine the cold snap here began! I’m also always looking for hydrating shower products as well. Maybe I will have to check out that Lush one!

    • Stella

      I have not tried that but Cerave is a fav brand as well! I really like the Ro’s Argan, there are a few flavours – definitely a great product!

  • hoiyinli

    Now that I think about it, no one ever talks about Pond’s! I barely even see it in my drugstore because they barely have a stand – it’s more like two small rows. Is there anything else that you would recommend from them?

    Same situation here – Fall/Winter is my favourite season but the skin can really take a beating for it. 😨Having said that, this winter has been my most successful/least laziest. I will have to try LUSH’s Ro’s Argan. But their Dream Cream has been a God-Send for me, and I like this body lotion by Garnier too.

    • Stella

      I think it went out of fashion because it does have mineral oil in it but it doesn’t break my skin out, I love Pond’s. I like their dark spot correcting line, there is a neck creme and foaming wash that I use in the winter, my skin can get really ruddy and red and those products neutralize that. I can’t always find them in-store so I order on Amazon.

      Dream Cream is so good too! I’m just too lazy to get to LUSH, it’s easier to go to a drugstore 😂 I hate what it does to my skin but I couldn’t live in a warmer climate!!


    You should look into dermaquest they are pricy but great products! Have a range for sensitive skin and their b5 serums is literally like water for your skin it’s amazing!

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